Sunday, January 4, 2009


2008 has gone. 2009 has come.

In the transition period I took a roadtrip up north and back -

  1. 30th December 2008 - Slim River
  2. 31st December 2008 - Sungai Petani
  3. 1st January 2009 - Penang
  4. 2nd January 2009 - Back to Seremban
Actually I have had quite a busy two weeks for the end of the year. First I met bengbeng and TZ in Seremban then we went for a photography shoot in Melaka. Then I went up to Cameron Highlands with Warsurfer and another bunch of friends.

Frankly, didn't feel much different. But right now, it does feel kinda new.

Imagine another whole new year. With a new set of hopes, problems, blessings and disappointments.

Ahh, big deal. Frankly, I couldn't really care less about resolutions right now.

Well, maybe not totally, one thing I decided to do is to blog again for myself.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all those who are reading, may you have a blessed New Year ahead!

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TZ said...

Dude, I'm so glad when i read this sentence .... "one thing I decided to do is to blog again for myself." ... I have one more blog to read :)

hehehe... for me,

if i get
a new set of hope ... what i would say... good good!
a set of problem... identify and challenge to solve them all or avoid them...
a set of blessing... everyone needs this. errrr...
a set of disappointment... let it go and move on if you get this eh!... don't hang there too long :p

Basically, that's me! ...

So Be happy eh!