Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Boring Introspective on Life

They say the only time you stop changing is when you're six feet underground.

Looking back, I realize I've changed in many ways.

Sometimes I wish I've made these changes a long time ago. But then learning to change requires going through bad experiences, heartbreaks and standing back up again.

Probably what we can do is to pass on these experiences we have had to someone else, and ease their learning curve. Hell, I wish I had someone to advise me when I was going through those rough patches.

But regret is lame. You should be thankful to God for your lot. If you think you have it bad, there are millions of people who have it worst than you. If you think you're so great, be careful you don't get stepped on by someone more powerful than you are.

That's life for you. I think God is fair. We think God isn't fair because he doesn't pander to all our whims and fancies. But then, wouldn't that make Him our slave instead of God?

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