Monday, January 5, 2009

BengBeng comes to Seremban

On 22 December 2008, a famous Sibu blogger, Bengbeng came to Seremban.

Unfortunately, due to my legendary procrastination skills, you can only read about it in my blog now.

Actually, the whole meet was arranged a week in advance. Bengbeng was originally planning to pass by Seremban with another previously unknown blogger, TZ to watch a solo by Sbanboy in a Christmas presentation at Terminal One, then proceed to Melaka for a photoshoot.

Anyway, excited old me told them to stay in Seremban for the night and hang out while doing some photography and we would go to Melaka the next day for more photoshooting.

It was quite a fun meet and you can read more details in TZ's and Bengbeng's blog. TZ is quite a cool and sociable person who likes to take artistic photographs. Bengbeng is very knowledgeable about plenty of world stuff, but can be quite straight at times because he seemed to have this ingrained idea that I'm always pulling people's leg. Sigh... as if I would do such a thing =P

Sbanboy's vocal rendition of "You Raise Me Up" was impressive. Not the same style as my singing idol, Josh Groban but still impressive, nonetheless. I got to meet another blogger for the first time that night, froggy (Personally I think bloggers should refrain from calling each other by their blog names once they've met in person. We have to detach ourselves from our virtual personalities at some point, you know. Ha ha!)

I took them for a meal in a popular restaurant in Taman AST opposite Era Walk. It was another first time for me too, because this restaurant was usually packed. I introduced them to the local version of the pork knuckle. Bengbeng seized this opportunity to consume as much pork as much as possible. (I forgot the reason why. Was there a pork shortage in Sibu? My memory fails me, ha ha)

We did some nightography there and here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The interesting 'canopy' of Era Walk

The fountain where I showed Bengbeng how to shoot moving water

TZ sure has the news photographer look

Bengbeng leaving his mark in Seremban


TZ said...

dude... I have news photographer look... muhahahaha ... I think i look more like tourist :p

fable frog said...

isn't it a small world that you know Ivan too? haha

Bengbeng said...

the canopy shot is sensational. leaving my mark hahahahahah

Jonzz said...

TZ: OK la, you have the Korean tourist look that street salesmen love

fable frog: Ha ha, the blog world is small and without boundaries.

Bengbeng: Told u guys to take it but no.... Ha ha