Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bloggers Trio Go To Melaka

Captain's Log : 23 December 2008 - Jonzz, Bengbeng and TZ make their way to Melaka after a failed attempt at procuring Seremban beef noodles.

The moral of this story is Seremban's famous market beef noodles are closed on Tuesday.

And so it was, we travelled merrilly to Melaka for some photography and delicious chicken rice balls. The following uncensored pictures details some of our exploits -

This is the Church of St Francis Xavier (duh!)

The statues of Kajiro Angero and St. Francis Xavier in the church compound (*shiver* The years of corrosion makes them look a little creepy)

The Church of St Francis Xavier is filled with beautiful stained glass
each depicting a significant scene from the Bible (Cool!)

TZ showed me how to capture this artsy picture containing a reflection of the ceiling's designs in the pool of holy water (I think)

A fountain in the middle of the area where the red houses and Christchurch is located

Christchurch (duh!). I have a friend here. They don't let you take photos inside because they sell them. (Double duh!)

TZ the patriotic photographer

TZ labelled this as Porta de Santiago (where A Famosa is). I'll just take his word for it (ha ha, lazy lar okay). The sky was an awesome blue that day, perfect for photos

This is what happens when you take Bengbeng to see cannons (Haha kidding!)

My favourite photo: Big Tree, Little Man

Some wall ornament with a hose spurting water from it

A temple (duh!)

A bird ornament on the wall of some temple (and crematorium I think)

A stone lion statue (never seen one with this design before)

A not-so-delicious pineapple tart I bought which proves bigger is not always better

TZ's close encounter with the paranormal

OK, that last pic was only Bengbeng and his red cap running past. Sheesh, some people have no sense of humour, ha ha. OK, that's all.


TZ said...

dude, i like the picture that you took on Bengbeng ... he has so big ... and the hole too :p hehehe Anyway, i was enjoying this road trip to Malacca :)

Jonzz said...

TZ: It was such a hot afternoon and he sat on a hot metal cannon. Doesn't it remind you of hot dogs? HA HA HA. Enjoyed this trip to Melaka too.

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