Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rekindling The Fire

Being on a long break and having lots of free time enable ones to relax, reflect, explore new interests or rekindle old ones.

Well, it's either that or getting bored to death. So old Jonzzy here has decided to rekindle an old habit: Reading.

OK, don't get bored to death. I just bought three books from Borders and yes, they were on offer, 3 for the price of two:

Yes, I do realize each of them are made into movies but hey, the books are on offer, okay. Anyway, I've managed to finish reading 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' in one day (Hurrah!). I used to be able to do three in one day (Getting old... sigh)

Let it be known that Jonzz rarely reads a book or watch a movie more than once, so if you're interested in borrowing them, gimme a buzz.

Anyway, finishing one book has made me quite pleased with myself but I haven't worked up the motivation to get started on book No 2. Well there's still time (That's old Procrastination speaking).

Dang, I hope they don't lie there gathering dust through 2009.


eve said...

Erm , I am still reading the same book which I bought 2 years ago. The problem is, everytime I pick up the book, I would have forgotten the beginning of the story.And I have to start all over. That happens esp if you pick it up every 4 months or so.. Hehehe..

Bengbeng said...

wishing u a great holiday in Penang

JoMel said...

oh my.. you read chicklit!! :D

Gong Xi Fa Cai Jonzz!

Jonzz said...

Eve: Cham lor, liddat better invest in movie and TV series, ha ha

Bengbeng: Thanks, you have a great Chinese New Year too

Jomel: AHA! You gave me the word I was looking for, 'Chick Flick'. THANKS! LOL, nola I know it's a chick flick. I just bought it for fun, since I'm bored. Why limit yourself to one genre?