Saturday, January 10, 2009

Survival at S2 City Park

Human beings get all the perks. We choose where to eat, how we want it cooked, when to eat and even how much we DON'T want to eat.

Not so our brethren in the animal kingdom. Forced to survive alongside us, they depend on our handouts and our leftovers.

Last Sunday, photography buddies, Unca Jon, Warsurfer and myself went to S2 City Park, hoping to get some interesting shoots and kill some boredom. Sigh, Seremban is so boring.

Anyway, here were some scenes which caught my attention :

Look at those koi, catfish and other fish fighting for bread handouts

Even the loathsome rat can be seen gathering leftovers floating near the water's edge

Poor Master Oo Gwai always misses out on first bite due to his speed

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