Friday, January 23, 2009

Same Olde Problem

Many years ago, I worked in the bank.

Back then, the recession was also in full force, and I actually switched employers thrice without even budging from my comfortable office chair. Of course, not getting your bonus was part of the package.

Back then people were telling me, 'Banks had the most secure job'. Well, bullshit... the only things certain in this world is life and death.

I got demotivated, depressed, lethargic and gained quite a few pounds too. (Alright, it was more than a few pounds, nitpicker!) My heels actually started aching and the dear old doctor gave me the diagnosis, "YOU'RE OVERWEIGHT!"

I also started feeling sleepy during work hours which I felt was a more serious problem. So to cut a long story short, my colleague introduced me to this book called 'Fit for Life' which I followed almost to the letter for six months, lost 15 kg, never felt more better in my life and lived happily ever after...

Except happily-ever-afters only happen in fairy tales.

In real life, what you get are botched resolutions and broken promises.

So years down the road, I find myself again in the same boat. Except that today, my present job is more of a one leg kick, almost zero human interaction and computer brainwork from 8am to 5pm. Around 3 to 4 o'clock inevitably, my head becomes like a bobbing head doll. DANG!

Nothing puts a dent on your ego and motivation then facing the same problem you dealt with so marvellously before. You know what the joke is, I used to think working alone would be the best thing in the world with no one to nag you but that was my old lone-ranger rationale.

Coffee doesn't cut for me. Maybe I should just pick up smoking (HA HA, kidding, not on your life)

Well anyway, I guess dealing with personal problems are what spices up life. Nothing like overcoming your problems to make you a better person.

I'm open for ideas though. Do you have a brain-wracking and zero decent human interaction kind of job? Some say, why not jump ship. But for me, that's not solving the problem but running away.

So how do you handle it when monotony sets in?


TZ said...

Errrrr... what to comment ... I think u need to pull urself out just communicate with Computer ... hehehe :p

My job nature is interact with human more than machine... am trying to interact with Animal too ... hahaha :)

All the best to you on Year 2009... a change is an opportunity to learn and experience ... :)

Las montañas said...

wait for bonus, then jump ship! The greatest thing people say is to do a job that you will enjoy doing.. but can this be practical in today's expensive material world?

poohbearee said...

Join TZ in Uganda? :)

[SK] said...

monotony means you are not getting any job satisfaction?? hmmm, time for a change.. :) but think thrice at this very difficult times.. everyone just gotta strive through this..

Jonzz said...

TZ: Adoi, all standard answers, change!

LM: *sweat* anything else besides a job change?

Jonzz said...

PB: Hmm... that's a thought, ha ha ha ha

[SK]: Don't you just hate being bound by the times...

doc said...

i think it was mark twain who said the only certain things are death & taxes.

like you, i have quite a few books bought during sale period but i've been slacking for some time.

Jonzz said...

doc: Oh... Mark Twain? Death and taxes... darn... Thanks for the info. LOL, I'm just too lazy to check.

Anonymous said...

How about offering to take up a broadened portfolio at the same pay, just for kicks and experience? (since change is not within the equation)


mary anne said...

you can be a freelance photographer
full time blogger, IT consultant maybe? hahaha