Thursday, January 29, 2009

To Trust or Not to Trust...

Finally, after one week in Penang, Jonzz is back in good old Seremban. Goodbye, Queensbay Mall! Home sweet home!

Strangely, it seems I've brought the rain back with me as well. My friend told me it only started raining today at 11am which I recall was the time I started my journey back to Seremban.

Poor old Scooby had missed me and was moping so much to the extent that my neighbor nearly phoned me to call me home earlier. Awwwww..... okay so I pampered the living daylights out of him and now he's back in high spirits.

At this point, you must be wondering what all this has to do with the above title. Sorry, I digressed...

It happened at the bus station in Penang today. I arrived half an hour before the bus departure and went to the counter to confirm my bus. As I was going downstairs, I bumped into this woman in a white shirt again. I had run into her earlier at the ticketing counters but dismissed her as one of the ticket sellers who was clamoring for attention.

Apparently, she had an extra Snoozer bus ticket because her travelling companion backed out the last minute. She was offering to swap it with any passenger who was going back to Seremban. I had no idea what a Snoozer bus ticket was, but assumed it must be a high class bus. True enough it was as I found out later.

Due to shortage of time and doubts about her sincerity, I declined her offer although I was a little tempted. I mean, better late than never, right? After she left, that encounter kept nagging at the back of my mind.

It's really sad how difficult it is to trust people these days, especially strangers. With the current economy and state of the world, we have to be on our guard all the time. For the sake of money, families have cheated families, friends betray friends. Only a fool accepts religion as a guarantee for another's credibility.

Ironically even though I think like this, I find that I still want to be able to trust people. And one group of people who have earned my trust are bloggers whom I have established friendships with.

Maybe, maybe deep down inside, I don't want to give up on humanity yet. Sigh.


Bengbeng said...

It is difficult it is true to trust people nowadays

Yin Mun~Moon said... a long essay...

How shall i say here??? Go with ur feeling or instinct, it will never go wrong i guess... ^_^

[SK] said...

yeah, i agree with you, it is sometimes too risky to trust people nowadays, although you think they are actually sincere and trustworthy.. anyway just follow what your instinct tells you, don't think too much.. :)

JoMel said...

I would have reacted the same way. You just don't know who to trust. The ones you trust can break your trust. The ones you don't trust can be the ones most trustworthy. Terrible hor?

Jonzz said...

Bengbeng: Trust must be earned not given to freely.

Yin Mun, SK: Must think also. Instincts can be wrong sometimes.

JoMel: Yalor!

Las montañas said...

PLease blog about your penang trip!