Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Obsession (Updated with Answers)

When I was younger, I didn't think I'd become like my parents.

Anyway, things don't always turn out the way you want them and inevitably, I realize I have inherited many of their traits and interests.

My recently discovered common interest is gardening (I can picture LM smirking in the background)

Actually, I have been delegated the humble task of watering the garden, and I have been quite disciplined in doing it. An hour a day, actually.

Then I realized I actually liked seeing the plants grow and bear fruit. I find myself, wanting to learn more and more about them. Shucks! I better stop before I start sounding like a full fledged gardener. A few bushes and trees does not a gardener make.

OK, instead of gushing further, I'll just share with you some pictures of the plants I spray daily (HA HA HA, sounds like a dog). Actually I'm amazed at how some of them are growing now. My friend says if it's because I care about them now. I'm toying with the idea that if you take care of them, they take care of you. Do you know, I don't get bitten by mosquitoes even though at the 5pm to 7.30pm stretch? OK, I have yet to confirm the elusive identity of the mosquito repellent plant(s). Hmmm.. food for thought, eh.

Anyway, back to the photos. Just for kicks, I'll let you guess some their names.


Desert Rose

No idea

If you don't know what the above two are, I think it's time to get off that computer chair.
It's bouganvillae

Chilis, what else


Another type of mint


Dragonfruit flower about to open

Passion fruit flower


TZ said...

wow! One hour watering @ the garden... and lots of flowers, fruits and herbs ... Dude, you must be having a huge garden eh! :)

team.warsurfer said...

..or probably an orchard!


Las montañas said...

The first one is marigold. It is a plant that helps to repel certain pests if planted next to other plants.

JOnzz's garden? more like Jonzz's forest!

but pray tell what is your secret to not getting mozzie bites?

Yin Mun~Moon said...

Flower #2??? Emmm....i dont know le. Looks like a fruit more than a flower??? :p

Bengbeng said...

you have a lovely garden. an hour a day? i cannot find the time with gym occupying so much time :)

Jonzz said...

TZ, anything is big when you have to work on it, HA HA

Warsurfer, too kwa cheong leh!

LM, I have since discovered four plants with insect repellant properties.

YM, it's passion fruit!

BB, must sacrifice a bit lor. ha ha