Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 1: Left My Heart In Kuching

I miss Kuching.

It is so strange. I've been back for a day yet I feel like I'm not 100% here in Seremban.

Selecting and editing these photos for my Kuching blog posts is going to bring back many fond and sad memories since well, I'm no longer there to savour the experience.

So back to the first day. This is the second time I'm flying. And my first time flying Air Asia. Seriously the plane feels like a cramped school bus.

I got a nice window seat. Had to evacuate a lady and her baby to get the seat but hey, these are fixed seats and this photographer needs a window. If you must know, I didn't really make a scene. I just told her I wanted to take photos, if she doesn't mind. At the beginning and the end of the journey, there were only two people occupying our row of three seats. What a godsend!

Anyway, shooting out of a window of a plane brings a new dimension to cloudography. I just love these shots with the plane's red colour engine framing the side. I know you guys have probably been on planes umpteen times so I will try not to bore you with too many photos.

We actually took the 11.45am flight and I skipped breakfast to avoid having a rebellious stomach but couldn't tahan and ended up buying this RM3 snack on board the plane.

I know, not much of a snack for Jonzz but it'll do while I keep my stomach empty for the awaited goodies of Kuching. I love seeing the clouds that appear above any land mass. There was cute little island in the middle of the sea with a cloud on the top but it's too small to be seen in my shrinked photos.

Another thing that struck me were the river patterns from the air. Somehow they reminded me of the certain patterns, making me wonder if rivers were a the source of inspiration for Sarawak handicraft patterns and tattoos.

Our flight took barely an hour and thirty minutes and we took a cab to the hotel.

Kuching was spacious. And another thing that struck me were they had traffic lights for U turns. Can you believe that? LOL, anyway I forgot to take pictures of that.

We arrived at our hotel to discover Kuching's oldest temple in front of the hotel, much to TZ's delight. What was the name again, Tow Pek Kong or 'Big Uncle' temple? Don't get pissed with me if I'm wrong. I'm Cantonese, not Hokkien.

Anyway, after depositing our luggage at the Singgahsana hotel, we looked for some food, or to be exact, kolok mee. Unfortunately the nearby kolok mee stall had closed so I had to make do with tomato mee. I read from some famous Kuching blogger's blog that tomato mee was also a specialty but it was nothing special for me. It was a bit on the sour side. TZ had fried kuey teow which looked yucky.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm taking it slow so I don't get bored and not be able finish this Kuching blog series.


TZ said...

hehehe... i have a same shots on the Tua Pek Kong :p

Funkye said...

hahaha kuching is calling you.. i like the shots from the plane... ;)

doc said...

you know, only a true photographer can make something out of the clouds, islands & rivers from the plane.

to me, i see only white, green & blue.

Las montañas said...

heh, dont take too long to load the photos and do the writeup!! can't take it slow here.

Yes Kuching is BIG! everywhere you see land, and lotsa of land! The houses are all big; don't know what is considered "small" there.

[SK] said...

hey, that was where i stayed when i visited Kuching last time.. near that temple, the crappy hotel next to Hilton, haha :p

foongpc said...

Hi, first time here. Very nice photos you have there! I've never been to Kuching. Hope to go there one day! : )

Jonzz said...

TZ: There weren't many angles to take it from anyway. BUT you forgot to go into the temple!!!! (Did you?)

Funkye: Ya, I love the plane shots, but it got boring after an hour, ha ha.

doc: Thanks for that compliment. On the negative side though (smirk), you could say I think too much, ha ha.

LM: Hmmm... that's an interesting thought. What would be considered small there... I have to think about this.

[SK]: You stayed at Singgahsana as well?

foongpc: Welcome! Thanks for the compliments. LOL, you should go there with Air Asia low fares these days. (I sound so pro-Air Asia), ha ha

euniceta said...

Hi Jonzz. Arrived at your blog via Terence's (and Jimbo's earlier on). I will be going to Kuching this June and want to ask you on your stay at Singgahsana hotel. What's your overall view of the hotel? Thanks. - eunice

Jonzz said...

Hi euniceta,

Well, I quite enjoyed staying in the Singgahsana hotel because its:

1. Cheap (Cheaper than Tunes Hotel in our comparison)
2. Clean
3. Plenty of hot water
4. Good location - we were like smack in the middle of everywhere
5. Excellent transport facilities from the hotel - you can make arrangements with the staff
6. Free breakfast (ha ha, cheapskate talk)
7. Helpful staff

euniceta said...

Thanks for the info. I think I will probably stay in this hotel too unless someone in my group decides otherwise. :)