Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 1 Part 2: Walking the Waterfront

After lunch, we didn't have any real programmes planned so we decided to walk around since we seem to be quite strategically located and the map was not in such a big scale after all, so walking was a very feasible venture.

Nearby we could see the Chinese History Museum which displays the history of the various Chinese groups according to their dialects. The building is a little small but interesting. It's free so nobody's complaining.

Behind our hotel was another temple. Can you spot TZ in the picture below? He has such a passion for old historical buildings.

This colorful building is a carpark with a cinema with an excellent view from the top. I watched 'Watchmen' there on our last night in Kuching.

The next picture is the new state administrative building which we have nicknamed 'The Ugly Building' because it is so jarring on the landscape with its location and garrishness. It's still under construction.

The picture below is the Textile Museum which is at the end of India Street. It's really cool seeing the various costumes, cloth and textiles in one building. (And yes, it's free)

The next is some monument located near the Courthouse. I fail to note what it's dedicated to. (Blush!)

Of course, when you're in Kuching, you have to at least take one picture of a cat. We spotted this pretty feline near the Courthouse. As with all cats, it only gave us a snobbish glance for disturbing its nap.

The most picturesque part was the Waterfront with the various sampans ferrying people across the river. At 30 cents per trip, it's a steal. I've gotta admit, the murky waters scare me, and it stinks. Kuching is clean, but the river stinks. A Kuching blogger told me this stretch of the river acts as a sewage tank. (Ugh, I don't know how true that is)

Below is a picture of some abandoned buildings at the waterfront. Picturesque but uninhabited. Sad, really.

There was this wall next to the waterfront which contains a huge illustration of the famous folk tale, 'The Mousedeer and The Crocodile'. (No, I'm not going to type the story here)

Anyway, it was soon sunset. And the city turned into a myriad of beautiful shades and colours.

It ended with a sucky dinner at Tun Jugah. Some Mushroom Chicken Rice which was too salty and sticky. You can read about it at TZ's blog.

And with that, I conclude Day 1 in Kuching.


foongpc said...

Very nice photos! Makes me want to visit! I didn't know TZ like temples! : )

[SK] said...

i personally think the colorful cinema building is more ugly that that "ugly building" lor~~~ :p

Jonzz said...

foongpc: Go go go visit. Actually he does. Come to think of it, ha ha.

[SK]: Well, I think the ugly building is just out of place.

TZ said...

Foongpc: The carving of the stone and the oldish of the temple has drawn my attention ... it's a very nice temple... :)