Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dedication to the Smart Ass who Speaks without Deliberation

Some people just don't use their brains
They think they're so d**m smart
And when they speak, it's awfully plain
Their words just reeks of fart

To every situation, they must have their say
To keep quiet would be asking them to die
The world revolves around their shades of gray
And the shit from their 'humble pie'

Recycling the same opinions over and over
Stepping on the same sore toes
Never realizing that lower and lower
Each day, their reputation goes

But then it's easy for these loud creatures
Always excusing themselves with 'Amen'
When offending people comes second nature
Self-forgiveness overrides any commandment

So excuse me if I don't pander to such foolishness
My illusions of ideals have long moved on
Common sense and consideration to me, is a rose
Empty words and hypocrisy the thorn

*A pissed-off Jonzz writes pissy poetry*


TZ said...

Chill Dude.... life have to move on eh!

Bengbeng said...

subject matter not withstanding..that is one great piece of poetry.. raw and full of energy

[SK] said...

ooopss.. who is that?? was that me?? :p

Jonzz said...

TZ: I chill by ranting, ha ha

Bengbeng: LOL! so much flattery.. cannot handle... cough cough blush

[SK]: Nola, I'm not talking about any bloggers or commentators. Somebody I know at work simply talk bullshit that morning when I asked about something. Some people just talk without thinking.

NomadicMom said...

Aduh! I hope I don't speak farts!

Sabar-lah. You cannot control what other people say one...

Jonzz said...

LOL, no no you don't.

It's true we cannot control what other people say.

But we certainly have the right to tell them off when they give us too much bullshit.

Bengbeng said...

i can believe you are a formidable character when you tell ppl off. what you going to do when they don't bother? shoot them?.....with yr dslr? hahahahahahah

doc said...

ha ha, looks like some brother pissed you off big-time

nice poetry, though.