Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Fighter

Look at the picture below and tell me if you can notice anything unusual about it.

Just another purple flower from Jonzz's collection?


Nothing at all?

OK, look again at the next picture.

These purple flowers were blooming in full glory from a weed-like plant I decapitated more than two days ago.

While the plant was still in one piece, it never bloomed like that. It started only after I chopped it down because this squatter plant was taking over the flower pot it had occupied and was growing to alarming tree-like proportions.

Crazy plant. But you gotta admire it's tenacity to survive. Even at the point of dying, it blooms its flowers. Maybe it's hoping to sprout some seeds before it meets its demise.

Sometimes you wonder, the plants and animals around us make such great efforts to survive in the face of the overwhelming human invasion of their world.

Life is precious. Why do some of us throw away our lives so easily?

On another note, my sitemeter has reached 20k after 2 years +++. How very .... lame....


[SK] said...

there are all kinds of people in this earth, everyone just choose the way they want to live, we have no control on that.. :)

EastCoastLife said...

Very sayang are the young. They cannot take the pressure as well as we old people. Oops, cannot include you. hehe....

Jonzz said...

SK: yup, everything we do is our choice.

ECL: HA HA, I have no idea how to respond to that.