Monday, March 2, 2009

Passion and Bitterness

From my last entry, you'll be forgive for thinking I'm talking about myself. Sure I've got quite a bit of passion for certain things and yes, I harbour quite a bit of bitterness but that's not what I'm referring to here.

What I'm really talking about is ...

The passion fruit seedling I got from Cameron Highland bore fruit, surprise! surprise!

The twin bitter gourds that unfortunately turned yellow too fast because I was too greedy for size, sigh!

He he he!


eve said...

So when are we having the Nga Choi Kai with bitter gourd soup ? Hehe..

[SK] said...

are you feeding some chicken there too?? if yes, then can cook bitter gourd chicken for dinner, haha!! :p

so what else are you growing in your garden??

Jonzz said...

Eve, remember to book two weeks in advance.

SK, I cannot take the credit la. I never planted anything. I'm just the waterer. And the only 'chicken' I have is a dog. HA HA HA

TZ said...

huh??? don't tell me SK and Jonzz will have bitter gourd dog... errrrrrrrrrrrrr.... :p