Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Captivated by Sissel

Last night, more bored than usual, I was doing a Youtube search using the 'Celine Dion Josh Groban' keyword. It was then I found this:

Oooo, who is Sissel? Where Celine Dion has a rougher and hard hitting style, this woman's voice was pure, soothing and warm.

Jonzz is sold. Anyone who's seen her CD in KL, let me know.


fable frog said...

i know about her from the fifth element soundtrack~ haha she's featured in one of the song... :P

Bengbeng said...

i like her voice too but this is the first time i have heard of her

[SK] said...

oooh, she has nice voice, but i really have not idea heard of her before..

Anonymous said...

Wow...she's good.

Jonzz said...

fable frog: wow, u're good.

bengbeng: me too.

SK: same here but now i know her well, ha ha

anonymous: Hi, ya, she's great.