Saturday, May 30, 2009



Is anyone truly free?
The World pounds these Rules into your head
What you should eat and how much you should eat
What looks good and what you should wear
What you can see and why you should understand
What you can hear and what you can never question
What you should say and when you should say it
How you should act and where it is appropriate
Who should be your friends and who you should not associate with
What you should achieve and what you should not become
Who you can love and what you cannot give your heart to
We are just like caged birds
Within these bars of Dos and Don'ts

Break the rules
And you will be judged and punished
An Outcast
Banished by those
You foolishly thought
You could Trust
Hah! You silly Man!

In the end you will realize
Those who told you the Rules
Almost always
Never apply the same Rules

What a Ridiculous notion
The only place
Where it truly exists
Is within the four corners of your Mind

Welcome to the Land of Hypocrites

- Jonzz in the dark -


zewt said...

hahaha... ironny isnt it? the world is a system and as long as we are not in a position to control the system... then we are bound to the system...

Jonzz said...

Wow, zewt, your one statement is more deeper than that whole post I've written. LOL!

foongpc said...

Yeah, welcome to the land Of Hypocrites! Enjoyed reading this. And no, I didn't think you plagiarised from somewhere : )

Hoi Chua said...

Jonzz, a nicely decorated definition of hypocrisy. A public corner with notice boards should have a piece of this, especially the churches.