Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lost Patience, Simmering Anger and A Broken Handbrake

Update: Car back left brake cable worn out and snapped. Damages RM80, phew. (My mechanic is the best person in the whole wide world, ROFL!)

Today I did something absolutely fantastic. I snapped my car handbrake.

Was my car old?
Did I expect the handbrake to snap?
Never in this lifetime.

This person asked me to pick her up at a particular time. Before I left to pick her, I sent her an sms informing her I was going. So there I was, on time and waiting... and waiting... and waiting. And the person never shows up.

So I do the next logical thing. I call the person. After another eternity, that person picks up in a half sleepy voice and say she's coming. WTF!!!

After what seems to be another eternity, that person plod nonchalantly into sight. And drops two lame excuses like, "Oh I wore my shirt backwards so I went back to the house" and "Then I forgot to bring something so I went back". And adds more lame excuses to the already infuriating set, 'Oh I didn't hear your sms'. And has the gall the smile and not apologize.

Old Jonzz was so not in the mood and said, "Next time call if you going to do something like that". Some people just don't deserve handphones.

As you can guess, Jonzz is simmering now. So off we went, Jonzz sullen and quiet. When we arrived, Jonzz pulls the handbrake and *Crack*

WTF again!

Second person just casually walks off. Jonzz feels like he just expended a ton of energy. Checking the handbrake, it feels like a flimsy joystick and can be pulled up and down almost 90 degrees without effort.

WTF... Jonzz calls the mechanic, decides to skip class and just head off home.

This is so sickening. Damn!


fable frog said...

Aiks! broken handbrake? then can you park on slopes or not~ hmmm you have to prepare a brick! haha just in case if it is not fixed yet~

team.warsurfer said...

From the usage of the word "class", I know who is the "she" that you are refering to.. lol

~LeuMaS~ said...

hi, 1st time here...oh god~ i hate people who is late...sometime its so irritating...and those lame excuse...jst ask her to eat shit la !!!

Jonzz said...

fable frog: My friend said, I lend you my old slippers, HA HA

warsurfer: *Wink*

LeuMas: Hello! Wow, you took the words out of my mouth!

Las montañas said...

cool cool... getting angry like that not good for health. Take deep breath.... relax!

JoMel said...

I hate being made to wait! Esp by ppl who just cannot be bothered! I would have broke my hand brake too if I were in your position!!

Chen said...

So irritating. Some ppl are so irresponsible and just take things for granted.

foongpc said...

Handbrake also can break? First time I hear this! You must be damn angry at her, that's why. haha! Cool down : )

Jonzz said...

LM: Breathing deep breathes... breathing deep breathes... not working... sigh.

JoMel: Yalor, why can't some people understand that?

Chen: Ya, some people are just freaking inconsiderate until the point you have to spell it out to them in black and white.

foongpc: Yes, I was seriously angry, cos it was not the first time. Don't understand how some people cannot get it even after a few times.

Fable Frog said...

what? lend me old slippers? What's that s'pose to mean~ LOL don't un lei~