Monday, May 18, 2009

Passion Fruit Flower

This is currently Jonzz' favourite flower - the passion fruit

Passion Fruit Flower


fablefrog said...

wah~ so nice! never seen passion fruit's flower before!

[SK] said...

wow, amazing one!! this is the first time i see a passion fruit flower~~ looks like the one featured in the THX adverstisement..

foongpc said...

Nice flower! I didn't even know how a passion fruit flower looks like until now. Thanks for sharing! : )

Bernard said...

I hadn't seen one before too. Nice.

Jonzz said...

fablefrog: Ha ha, nice hor. I never knew what it looked like til I started planting them.

SK: THX advertisment? Really?

foongpc: He he!

Bernard: Grow in your garden la!