Monday, June 1, 2009

A Busy Sunday With The Sick

A Cool Bonsai

It's strange how other people's lives get intertwined with our lives. As kids, I bet you never would have imagined that you would know the people that you know today.

On this unusual Sunday, I spent it with a few special friends who unfortunately fell sick. The first chap had a bad toothache which got infected. He even got a bit delirious and was shivering while waiting for the dentist. Since he was in so much pain, the dentist gave him some medication to bring down the infection before he is able to proceed with the extraction.

In the evening, another chap asked me to give him a lift to visit a friend in the hospital. The poor lady just went through an operation for a ruptured appendix and had to be placed in intensive care.

Going through this incident, many thoughts rushed through my head:
  • I guess you cannot take the people around you for granted. Cold as it seems, after many different experiences, I have mentally prepped myself to accept the consequences of people I come to care about dropping in and out of my life. Maybe it makes things easier for this sentimental fool.
  • I don't know why but suddenly I imagined myself to be in the role of a parent or caregiver. Just reflected upon the difficulty of taking care of a sick person. Especially when they are close to you. Will I be up to the task or will I end up depending on others to do the dirty job?
  • I also realize that being detached and apathetic, to a certain degree, enables you to be a more dependable person in a crisis. I mean, would you rather have a weeping wailing mess or Mr Cool rushing you to a hospital? Take your pick.
Indeed it was a very somber Sunday.


~LeuMaS~ said...

sounds like a sad post... cheer up dude... dun think too much

Bengbeng said...

yes, Jonzz, dont think about it until we need to. Awesome shot!

fufu said...

hahaha well i came across this when i was still studying in japan 4yrs ago... i changed my mindset once i had XXX...that's the reason why i go travel around the globe... enjoy life first... i seriously need a break after getting my degree.... or i need time to cool myself down?? wish i will get stronger via travelling...

Medie007 said...

i hope they'll all get well soon...

Jonzz said...

LeuMas: actually I'm not sad. Just serious, ha ha

Bengbeng: I think we should always think in advance so when things happen, we can be somewhat prepared.

fufu: Hi, nice to meet you. LOL, I'm still thinking of your comment on bengbeng's blog. Bengbeng said he was drunk while taking those pics.

Medie007: I hope so too especially the lady with the appendicitis. It's a dangerous condition.

JoMel said...

it is really an uphill task taking care of a sick person, ESP. when they are close to you. It's very draining emotionally and physically.