Thursday, June 18, 2009

Durianized Again!

Udang Merah Durian

It was a boring Wednesday night.... so when Jonzz got this sms from a passionate Durian Lover pal (and part time pastor, ha ha) to get some Udang Merah durians, well, who could resist?

Certainly not Jonzz...

Well, Jonzz was thinking, what's one or two durians?

So we arrived at the stall which had a number of customers queued there.

When it reach Jonzzy's turn to pick the salesman took the words out of Jonzz's mouth, "How about I sell you 5 kg for RM20?"


Mua ha ha ha ha... that night, Jonzz sampled some of his newly procured goods and packed the rest away in a tupperware to be eaten over the next few days.

And promptly finished the lot for breakfast the next morning.

Sigh... the durian glut has turned Jonzz into a durian glutton.

Anybody for Round 2?


Leu said...

oh i want it too ~

Las montañas said...

aiyoh.. shouldn't have clicked on this link! I love good durians, esp your udang merah type or the D whatever types. They say(said) segamat durians the best, but they also say (said) Pahang ones better... so how

Bengbeng said...

u terrible person u. when we were there u didnt bring us around for durians. probably afred tz and i would finish off seremban's supply huh? hahahahahahah

foongpc said...

I love durians! probably my no.1 fruit! Yummy!

Medie007 said...


[SK] said...

oh my, i hate durians, and you can even have it as breakfast in the morning??!! gosh~~~ :p

Jonzz said...


LM: I'm not crazy bout the geographical location. Any good durian is a good durian.

Bengbeng: Urr... not in season, duh

foongpc: LOL,


SK: Ooooh, we've finally discovered Super Food Lover's weakness.

NomadicMom said...

I want durian. I want durian. I want durian.