Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nature's Packages

Lessons from Life: Never just stick to one way of doing things. If you do, you'll never find out if there's a better way.

Bananas must be one of nature's best fruits. So convenient. So tasty. And comes with its own packaging. Well, I only just discovered that the dragon fruit can be peeled too. (*Blush)

Peeling A Dragon Fruit


Annie said...

Wow! I've never heard or seen such a thing Jonzz. I must get out more or at least make an effort to check out the fruit aisle at the market. :D

Medie007 said...

thought u've known by now that dragon fruits have been flooding the marking since like what, a couple of years ago? :P

lovey dragon fruit!!!! :D the white ones are less sweet i thought, but they say more nutritious. i still go for the red ones nonetheless... hehe

foongpc said...

Looking at your photo makes me want to eat the dragon fruit! Yeah, bananas are not the only fruit that can be peeled : )

Bengbeng said...

dragon fruits keep dropping in price since supply exceeds demand at the mment in Sibu :)

EastCoastLife said...

In order not to stain my fingers, I prefer to use the knife. :)

JoMel said...

wow! what a colour! I've eaten the white fleshed ones, but not these. Anyway it looks so tempting and juicy that I wish I could sink my teeth in!

Leu said...

peeles dragon fruit? wow~ cool... look like a purple orange :P

Jonzz said...

Annie: Yeah, the varieties of fruits are endless. I rather see them on the plant itself than in the supermarket rows. But try this fruit, it's tasty.

Medie: So hard to find the white ones these days.

foongpc: Ha ha, go and buy la. There seems to be a glut now.

Bengbeng: Same here.

ECL: Actually I think peeling stains less. Much less

Jomel: The purple strain is much sweeter and juicier.

Leu: A purple orange. Interesting idea! Didn't see it that way.