Monday, August 31, 2009

To Blog or Not To Blog (Unedited version)

I'm still here, and still very much alive, as can be attested to by my blogging Facebook buddies. (Hmm, should I coin the term BFB, nahhh.... too many acronyms)

I still love blogging and to be able to dump all my thoughts here. I mean one day I would like to read through it again and soak in all the memories of the good and bad old days, and share it with others.

I guess I've been kind of holding back.

Personally, I believe your private and precious sharings should be reserved for people who you care about and have a genuine concern for you; not THOSE STALKERS AND LURKERS who think to read it to gain an insight and use the advantage over you. Well, to that type of people, it works both ways, you are playing with a double edged sword.

I realize how much over the past my style has changed:

  • Initially, I just created this little blog to rant and rave to my heart's content, and dwelling in my own foolish fantasies of anonymity while doing it.
  • Then I discovered the other aspect to blogging: Commentators. Aiks! Poor Jonzz has discovered life out there. You know la, Jonzz is very shy... HE HE... not!
  • Then it became fun. Suddenly blogging became a hit gaining activity. Let's play with numbers and links! Woo hoo... I think a lot of people went through this same phase at the same time. Then it died out. Many of my familiar bloggers links ceased blogging altogether due to whatever reason.
  • Oh, and I remember the time I switched my blog look to black to reflect my dark, brooding and melancholic personality. Dang, we all do silly things at some time. Anyway, it stuck. White on black is easier on the eyes, I think.
  • Which just about brings it to the present. I've been trying to keep things light. Posting my silly photos and light-hearted stories, bla bla bla. Boring huh. Well, you gotta know, melancholic temperament people have their highs and lows. It's seasonal and even annual.
I have to admit, at times, I use my blog for bashing. I'm not that dumb. I know those people who know who I am. Well, try as we might, sometimes people just don't listen to reason and the only way to get them to hear you out, is to make them read a full post of no-holds barred scathing remarks without interruption. Don't worry, I don't make personal posts like that all the time. It makes me feel disgusted with myself too having to do it.

Anyway, I'm still here. I think I'm moving on to another blogging phase. To all my dear blogging buddies out there, here's hoping we'll be blogging and exchanging comments for another 50 years and enjoying it.


Medie007 said...

cheers to u too!

Las montañas said...

yes, I know you will last.. and I enjoyed the first posting of yours about the car.. heh

foongpc said...

Hi Jonzz, been quite a while since I last dropped by your blog. Didn't know you had been inactive for more than a month!

But good to know that just as I'm coming back to your blog, you are also resuming blogging!

I have been blogging since last year and my interest had not gone away one bit! Simply loves blogging! : )

Leu said...

i been thru ths stage too~ well, i'm still here~ lolz :)

Paula said...

Well, as for me, I'll probably be around forever. Blogging gives you enough flexibility to "unpublish" your posts after you've published it. I like that feature.

LOL! My word verification is "accho"

fufu said...

yeah... i am now back to this blogging world =p

team.warsurfer said...

keep up the good work!
you're doing alright... :-)

Anonymous said...

Go on

[SK] said...

well, everything has got their own live cycle.. i'm through some of the phases you described, but guess i'm at the peak of blogging heat still.. keep it up, let's blog!! :)

TZ said...

Dude, continue your good job ... don't leave us and don't leave the blog communities ... :) Looking forward for your next entry ...

JoMel said...

blog on Jon!!