Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Elusive Civet Cat

From my past posts, some people must assume I work at a jungle or some zoo.

Well, I hate to disappoint you but there are no tigers, elephants or wild boars here. Probably just the common snakes, monkeys, crazy birds and the elusive civet cat.

Last Sunday, I took a photo of my first baby civet cat. Yesterday I finally caught sight of the elusive adult civet cat. First I heard some screechy noise from above. When I looked up, I saw this long, graceful and slim animal which looked like half cat half fox. It was carrying a baby in its mouth as it gracefully made its way across the beams of the hall.

Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared to capture any pictures so I can only show your a sketch from memory.

Sketch of Civet Cat


fufu said...

seriously you sketch pretty well =p

Leu said...

gosh~ maybe its not ur pet, its some devil creature up there~ lolz...

haha, u really do draw well :)

NomadicMom said...

If i see a civet cat, I also won't know it's a civet cat. I probably will say some cat-like animal.