Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Many Updates, Many Firsts and Many Civet Cats

Too many things have happened and too little time to blog them.

September 11
Saw my first live civet cat. Later saw two of the babies 'hanging around' and making noises during vocal lesson. But they were too high up to be rescued.

September 12
Got an sms from boss saying the babi civet cats have been apprehended. Did my first wedding dinner photoshoot today. The bride is a friend I've known many years online but this wedding marks our first meeting in person. Enjoyed the photoshoot thoroughly.

September 13
Church as usual. Watched "Gamer" movie starring Gerard Butler. Great idea, lousy movie.

September 14
Made my first call to Jabatan Perhilitan which is the department responsible for wildlife protection. Oh, did I forget to mention that two baby civets were caught? Anyway, the wildlife people took them to safer grounds.
Watched a Japanese movie called 'Okuribito' or 'Departures'. Revolves around an ex-celloist who became an encoffiner. Sounds morbid but an excellent story. It garnered 13 awards in Japan.

September 15
Another baby civet captured. Had to call the wildlife protection folk again. Babysitted the little fellow until lunch. Quite fierce initially but mellowed down after Jonzz stuffed it with some bananas and some water.

September 16
Another civet cat caught. OMG! This is getting boring. Decided to do our own release in nearby jungle.

Kinda lazy to put pics yet. Will probably do them later. (Hopefully)


fufu said...

wow...what happened huuh?? why recently so many civet cat huuh?

yeah okuribito is a nice movie :)

Las montañas said...

should stay away from them.. the suspected source of SARS.

Medie007 said...

wow... ur church has become a escape camp for the civet... their homes were destroyed that's why.

Bengbeng said...

wondering where they were displaced from

Freedom09 said...

Where are you staying ah? Beside hutan is it? How come never ending civet cats one. :P