Monday, October 5, 2009


Thought of the Day: Some people live, some people drift, I guess I just drift.

Do you ever wonder what goes on inside another person's mind? What are those inner mechanisms or gears that make them tick?

Perhaps if we can spend a day in the minds of those we look up to, maybe we might gain some insights in that quest to become that better person we yearn to be.

I've been busy lately. Not as in "I have a lot of plans and goals" busy, but more like 'headless chicken running around' busy. My days are no longer mine to squander as I fancy.

Maybe I've become too much of a doormat, catering to other people's demands. Maybe I've always been a doormat. But even doormats become worn out with use.

Life is so tiring for people like me.



foongpc said...

Hi Jonzz! Headless chicken running around? Haha! Stop being a doormat and a headless chicken. Take control of your life and be the person you want to be! Life is not tiring. It's fun and it's full of enjoyment. Don't drift aimlessly. It's all up to you, yes? : )

[SK] said...

yeah, stop being a headless chicken!! claim back your cock head and bite those who has bullied you.. :p