Monday, December 7, 2009

I Miss The Days

Thought of the Day: I truly despise those people who freely used my photos and never gave me any credit or compensation. Damn opportunists!

I miss the days
I looked forward to each new day
When everything was fresh and beautiful
Even the ugly things

I miss the days
I could trust people without reservation
When there was hope for everyone
Even the hypocrites

I miss the days
Of cherished friendships gone
Of childhood friends, old classmates, coursemates and uni-mates
Not so much the missing person but the lost friendship

I miss the days
I didn't judge or criticise so much
But too many excuses and turning a blind eye
Was poisoning my soul

I miss the days
Simple things used to be beautiful
When happiness was not purchased with money
Even clean air is not free now

I miss the days
When all songs were pure and beautiful
Not coated with propaganda, genres and jingles
Can hardly find a decent tune to hum to these days

Guess those days are gone
No point to mourn
Time to leave my heart on the shelf
And put on my dark future self

1 comment:

Yin Mun~Moon said...

Nice poem...i miss the days too. Those pure and innocent days.