Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello, it's been a while...

Haiz, seems like I've abandoned my little blog. That's the nature of man, always changing, mostly unfaithful, ha ha (OK, it's a blog, not a wife)

I've reached the milestone year I've set for myself years ago where I'm supposed to have achieved a certain goal but looks like it didn't happen. Not the way I wanted.

Sometimes I wonder why I've lived as long as I've had. I don't really know how to appreciate this life that I have and twice I've wished to cast it away like one throwing a rock into a rushing river. Looking at others who have passed on but way younger than me, not by their own wishes, one can't help but think, "Life's not fair". Sigh, where there's life, there's hope, there are new things to see, new horizons to explore.

I'm sure if you're the reflective type, you'd look back and analyze how different you are today than maybe, two decades ago. I guess I've become more sociable but at the same time, I've become more cynical, critical, sarcastic and less trusting. What an irony huh!

On certain days, I wish I could still be comfortable as that loner years ago, who could spend the entire day, snuggled in bed with books or bending over the glow of a monitor, killing virtual monsters and levelling in some role playing game, or just strumming the hours away on my beloved guitar. But no... these days, I crave for the pleasure of another person's company, to share thoughts, exchange experiences or just to hang out. Yeah, I can imagine the crowds out there thinking the same mundane stereotype thoughts "Get a girlfriend, get married". Sorry, but I think that's hardly a solution because I think if it was one person, I'd get bored in a jiffy, sort of like eating wan tan mee everyday for a month. *Puke*

Oh well, this was just a sharing of thoughts for my friends who are wondering if I'm still here on the same plane of existence as them. Yeah, I'm still here and am the father of two min pins you see in the banner. Cute little rascals and costing me hours of sleep daily, and robbing me of travel time until I find a good puppy-sitter.

Anyway, til the next blog post... Adios, my friends.


TZ said...

dude, welcome back to the blog communities...
I think you really need a trip to Kucing and just take a rest from your two doggie ;p Eeee... i'm not a good puppy sitter neither a good baby sitter Blek~

fufu said...

hahaha welcome back!! send your puppy to the pet shop!!