Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Unsafe Blogging

While blogging may be fun and addictive, I personally believe in drawing the line somewhere. When you reveal intimate and personal details about yourself, you must be prepared for the consequences that someone less friendly out there may abuse the knowledge you reveal, and in a worst case scenario, use them against you.

Today, I was a bit kay-po(busybody). I sent an email to a fellow blogger whom I felt was practicing unsafe blogging. Firstly, he revealed a lot about himself and his loved ones. But the scary part was, how should I put it, this blogger was publicizing other people's misdeeds in his blog. I think this is dangerous practice indeed. When you blog bad things about other people especially strangers or criminals; and they find out about you through your blog, they have the upper hand if they choose to retaliate.

I guess what I want to say is, be wise when you blog. It's a double edged sword. If you abuse it like some kind of power, it can backfire.


Annie said...

I think it's very admirable that you did that Jonzz. It's hard to confront someone with the truth; but even worse if you saw your friend get himself into trouble. We all have to look after each other on Blogger.

The good news is with a Blogger, you can edit and delete your entries and your pictures. It's what I do. I see that those I want to read it have seen it, then I edit some private stuff out and take pictures out. If later, it strikes me as too personal, then I completely delete the post about a month later or sooner.

I've had a couple years experience writing on a messageboard and that was enough I think to learn a few valuable lessons and mistakes. Everything you write CANNOT be erased on a messageboard unless a moderator does it, so one has to be careful.

My rules?
Don't discuss details of your job unless it's positive... write it as if everybody in your work will read it... then post at your own risk.

I don't name names or talk about other people without their expressed written consent on a public blog.. Unless it's been more than 7 years since I've seen them, than I pass at the consent part..LOL!

People are entitled to their privacy and their mistakes. You did a good thing Jonzz.

Again, we all have to look out for each other.

Jimbo said...

Good points there annie! :-)

poohbearee said...

I agree fully n I guess I needed the reminder myself.

Oh...if I were to nominate the most professional, safest but interesting blogger, it would be Mr Monty. (The rest of us, we all hv photos in our blogs as evidence)

Annie said...

Jonzz doesn't have a photo of himself here, does he? I haven't seen one.. unless the monkey is him!
Great scott! Could that be Jonzz?