Friday, November 17, 2006


  • woke up early at 6.30am
  • crawled to the computer
  • checked out some online stuff
  • chatted with another equally early blogger
  • looked at the time
  • oh my gosh... 7.20am, time to get ready for work
  • crawled back into room
  • changed
  • open door
  • see Scooby wagging tail
  • pat dog
  • check ear
  • hmmm, no suture. . . NO SUTURE????!!!!!!!

HALLELUJAH! *Handel's Messiah playing in the background*

Ah.... there are times like these and there are times like these... my favourite (and only dog) has decided to remove his suture for his master's peace of mind.... no need to visit the vet.... such joy, such peace, such freedom.... (ok, I'm raving now) but YEAH!!!!!! HIGH 5 to myself (so lame)

On a lighter note(or heavier), I had a vivid and weird dream last night. I dreamt I visited an ex-coursemate of mine from the university. She said to me, 'I think IT sucks. We need to change to another line. I think we should invest in the hard disc industry'.
LOL... okay, that should leave some fodder for some dream analysts but I think this stupid dream is due to a friend who asked me to copy a ton of anime for him onto my portable hard disc lately, ha ha ha. Crappy... crappy...


Annie said...

Scooby's suture mysteriously disappeared? Mmm... I suspect foul play. Must investigate.

Las montañas said...

jonzz, i see you can't do without your computer.

me said...

the joy of the singlehood! i wake up at the same time, but crawl to my daughter's room to wake her up and then to the kitchen to prepare her food, with half-opened eyes. sigh!!!

titoki said...

You know what, 7.20AM is nothing when compared with me waking up at 6AM every morning and driving out of the house at 6.30AM sharp. It takes me at least two hours per trip per day to travel to my workplace. Sigh. My life sux. And I'm in the IT field. GAAAA... Double sux.

Bernard said...

I used to wake up at 6am too.. until i moved back to Penang... now even later now that i'm in SP. Work near home. That's the best part.

Sure the sutures have disappeared? Must've gotten loose.. or cut thru...

Jimbo said...

I suspect it's FOWL play, the chicken pecked it off!

Jonzz said...

annie, jimbo: which brings us to the age-old riddle, Why did the chicken remove the suture, hmmm? Now if we only knew why it crossed the road to remove the suture first. . .

LM: argh, takes one to know one, ha ha ha ha ha

me: lol, the joys of singlehood. Well, there are many more perspectives and views on that.

titoki: Hi, thanks for dropping by. Heh, I used to spend several years commuting to and fro from Seremban to KL to work using the train. I too woke up at 5.30am every day and spent more than 2 hours travelling. Adding the waiting time, i think I easily spent more than 5 hours in travelling and waiting each day. I got sick of it so I came back to Seremban. LOL.

bernard: I think the dog scratched them off. I'm just wondering how the sutures work and if anything was left inside the ear because i can only see them from one side of the ear.

Annie said...

New theory. The suture was NEVER there! Jonzz imagined it. Time for therapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee