Saturday, November 11, 2006

Perils Of A Stoned Dog: Conclusion


This is a continuation from a previous entry.

So I took the dog home. We left the veterinary clinic at about 6.30pm. According to the vet, the effects of the anaesthesia should wear off in a hour or more. Sigh, carrying a drugged dog can be likened to carrying a big dead fish. It flops all over the place.

Having been exposed to some first aid training, I was worried that the dog's tongue might flip back and obstruct the airway and breathing. Finally I managed to put him on the verandah. I was a bit worried after all that trauma and being unable to move, it might put him in a bit of a shock so I threw a cushion cover like a blanket over him. Dang those first aid training! Giving me all kinds of paranoid ideas... sheesh...

7.30pm. Hmmm... still not much movement. Except when I stroked him, his tongue would shoot in and out in the usual manner. OK, at least he won't choke. DANG!

Then came paranoid thought number 2. If the dog cannot move like this, then the insects might come. for example, ants, flies and mosquitoes. Hmm... I was especially worried about the ants. I squashed a few large passing ants out of concern. Fortunately, no new ones came to sacrifice themselves.

8.00pm, shucks, still very little movement. I still had to take my friend for dinner for assisting him. Finally, I got bored and tired of looking at a motionless dog. I left the lights on. After all, he isn't really going anywhere. I came in to quickly check my mail.

Then I came out. Eww... the dog threw up. Just what I was afraid of. I was suspecting that under sedation, the dog will lose control of its muscular functions and vomit, pee or poo. Yuck!

He still wasn't moving much and dirtied by his own muck. YUCK!

I whipped out the entire roll of kitchen paper towels. I mean, I can't bathe him under such condition. Ewwww... that's it, man. No cleaning of baby poo for me either. LOL, looking after a dog has made me dread looking after another human being.

Anyway, soon he could move his head and his upper body. Thank God. He was like a fish out of water now. See the progression: from dead fish -> fish out of water. His hind legs was still out of commission probably due to that injection in the buttock. So I observed him for while, flopping around with a blurr look. Then I had to go into the house to do something.

8.45pm When I came out, Scooby was missing again. I looked around the garden. Oh man! Guess where I found him. In the drain next to the verandah. The last time such a thing happened, they were all still puppies! I quickly did a '911' and brought him back. Looks like I have to babysit him until he has regained full mobility of his limbs.

I realize what had happened. Without his hind legs operating normally, any movement would propel him forward like a furry torpedo. Ugh, nasty, he nearly plunged into the ornamental stones of the garden ornament. OK, OK, I get the message, I have to play the role of a fussy nurse.

9.15pm I tell you this is the last time I trust a vet's word. One hour plus indeed. This has gone wayyyyy beyond two hours.

Wag... wag... wag... oooh tail movement. This is promising. Ah, he's trying to stand up. Good... goood.... OOOPS.... catching the dog. Sigh, looks like I'm in for a long night and some hunger pangs.

My friend was still observing. I have to give thanks and credit to my friend here because although he wasn't very comfortable with dogs, he helped me to hold the dog while I drove to the vet and back. Everyone has fears but not everybody has the guts to directly deal with their fears.

Seeing my dog now practicing the Shaolin drunken mantis stance, I decided to hold him in a standing position until I was sure he was completely 'sober'.

9.40pm. Dog is going round and round in big circles. OK, he's just answering nature's call and not gone bonkers. Phew, mission accomplished. Finally, we can leave for dinner. Peace at last.

And to satisfy Poohbearie's (and others) craving for Scooby shots, here's a fresh but goofy top angle shot of Scooby. (OMG, my dog's a camwhore!)

Hi, everybody!


Gospel Band said...


Annie said...

ROFLMAO! Oh MY GAWD! Jonzz! You nearly gave me a heart attack! I thought your doggy was DEAD! Look at his tongue in the first picture! lordy lordy lordy. I nearly picked up the phone to call authorities to pick you up - insane dog owner.

Alls I gotta say about the ALIVE pic of new dog is WTF is up with that TILE floor? Ewwww... If he vomited on that floor, I'd say it was an improvement babe.

Bernard said...

Glad he's ok. How come the sedation lasted soooo long? Mebbe because he had multiple jabs which kicked in later...

Jonzz said...

gospel band: hello, thanks for dropping by.

annie: seriously annie, read the whole thing before jumping. c'mon don't criticize the tiled floor, rofl.

bernard: i suspect just as much. and the fact that he's also an old dog.

serendipity said... poor thing.........

dun show me this kind of photos. i have a terrible soft spot for dogs.

Annie said...

I'm sincerely sorry for calling you Monty... *sad face*... you know, it's all you I.T. guys - you all look alike - it's hard to tell you apart - it's all just a big blur.

me said...

*pat pat*