Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Black Wednesday

- Ugly graphic removed - Perfectionist at work

Warning! Massive clouds of negativity ahead. You have been warned!

First day of work in the year 2007.

Woke up gloomier than a storm cloud in typhoon wondering why the alarm was ringing. Then I remembered that the holidays had ended and life has resumed it's normal routine. Not a good omen.

Went through the usual motions of collecting my breakfast at the nearby coffeeshop.

Walked into the office and was thrown with an abundance of problems; necessary and some deemed unnecessary. Realized how low my patience supply has dwindled over the years.

MSN Messenger is not working. There goes my contact with the outside world.

Broke a screwdriver head and nearly dislocated my wrist on an old PC brought in for salvaging. This must be the cream on the top.

Moved a PC into my room and cut myself. Damn... I feel the nasty beast inside coming out again.


Annie said...

I think what you need is a Tetanus shot.. BAD!

Oh looky here, I've got a syringe handy, come over to Annie. :D

titoki said...

We can be sisters!!! Bwahahahaha.

Las montañas said...

oh i hate fixing PCs! did that during my first job. can get lots of nasty cuts on those sharp metal plates.

so now, I'd prefer to buy ready made ones like dell instead of self-assembly.

poohbearee said...

Jonzz, here is a plaster for u :)

mott said...

Your lil pooch's face too cute la. Your ranting post not so angsty somehow!!!


*gives orgasmic belly rub* not to you ah!!!! ;-)

Jonzz said...

annie: thanks but my tetanus shots are still valid. Hmm, forgot the reason..

titoki: lol, dang... why sisters pulak!

LM: don't I wish!

poohbearee: arigato!

mott: well, good, dowan to become to angsty... not healthy at my age, HA HA HA HA... orgasm? LOL!