Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Remember the Bloggers' Meet I went for. Well, it's not a secret anymore.

For those of you who are interested, check out the expose and photos from the famous paparazzi blogger extraordinaire in her blog Miss Titoki's Secret Diary.

Sigh, now where can I get one of Ian's smiley faces to disguise myself?


Las montañas said...

walao eh!


tomolo will be spread all over the major tabloids in the country! The Sun, The Nation...etc

Jonzz exposed! (hope you had at least a towel with you)

wow, you and I have a similar belly to match liao! don't believe? :P

Julee said...

EXPOSED! Muahahahahaha
Why wanna disguise? Come come i draw smiley face for you.. :D

poohbearee said...

Jonzz, y need to disguise yourself? U look ok mah. Show us you face also lah. :)

JoMel said...

but you were that exposed, as compared to me lah. Right? hahaha...

goodshithappens said...

so fun!

i wish there's a blogger meet in Singapore too... geez it'll be so awkward yet so fun! (not for me though, everyone would recognise me at one glance, coz i have so many pics of myself!)

me said...

yes, i expel a sigh of relief that yours truly has managed to escape the gallows this time. even with all that blurring, i can still make out your face. i wonder why is that? but she's pretty outdated lah, now only post! kakakaka.

titoki said...

Sorry laa me, I've been bz like hell. So many things happened at once. I don't know how to cope with them. Now that I've found my footing again, I'm going to start posting liao. ;)

If I hear one more whining from you, I'm gonna strip you naked and post your leng lui pic on my blog. Wakakakakaka. *evil laughter*

me said...

titoki, my dearest beautiful dahling, my mouth is zipped shut!! *shaking in fear*

Annie said...

I just have one question.

What lipstick is Jomel wearing because I LOVE it! I want some!

Do tell.

and what the heck did Jonzz put in his hair to make it stand up like that? Jonzz is Asian, no? Asian hair is heavy and flat.

Annie said...

Oh wait, I'm so cornfused.. ok.ok.. I thought Jonzz was the guy in the light blue collar shirt. Jonzz is in the black collar shirt? I can't find ME anywhere.. doesn't she have long hair from the Halloween pictures?

I'm an idiot.

Las montañas said...

annie: you didnt see a stick figure there right? then ME can't have been there.

Jonzz said...

LM: hmm, last I read, you were wearing a size 30... nope, we don't have matching bellies, i don't think u even have a belly.

julee: oh behave... LOL!

poohbearie: it's not that i don't want to spoil the mystery but i'm afraid you might not be able to take the horror, you know like Phantom of the Opera.

jomel: lol, some ppl want to be mysterious mah....

serene: Organize one and make sure LM goes there. *wink* *wink* *hint* *hint* make sure you have paparazzi ready.

me: you're so lucky!

titoki: *for a few seconds, imagining titoki stripping ME*... how do u strip a stick figure?

annie: ask Jomel for her lipstick range. Her blog link is here, lol!
My hair is very short now. I just used hair gel. Black shirt black shirt!!!

LM: yup, ME wasn't there.

me said...

monty, you can't see me?!?!?! i was there! in the corner. didn't you see the stick leaning against the corner, like a broomstick?

annie, you're looking for the wrong girl. my avatar says bald. bald!! look for something round and smooth.

poohbearee said...

Phantom of the Opera? Dun be silly Jonzzy!
Unless u wore a mask to the bloggers' meet, u r insinuating I am shallow. How rude!
*smacks Jonzz*


Bernard said...

Cool lah you guys in KL have all the fun eh? .... Jonzz i tagged you liao.

Jonzz said...

me: lol!

poohbearie: wah, all this violent blogger ladies, like to smack me in the blog. Makes me think twice about wanting to meet in real life.

bernard: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not another tag... sigh... ok this one is a tough one...