Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Compromising Position

8.55 am.

Great... I rushed all morning and I'm only five minutes early for church service. Guess I'd better hurry and get to the front before the congregation starts moving in.

I open the car door. As I was about to step out of the car, my pants nearly dropped down.

Oh Shit! I took the pair of pants with the broken clasp!

Okay, don't panic. Better examine my options fast:
  • Time check. I don't have enough time to go home, change and come back because I have to play guitar for singspiration at the start of the service.
  • Risk check. I have to play guitar but I'm sitting down. Risk of exposure lessened.
  • Equipment check. If I zip up tightly enough, my pants won't fall down. (Fingers crossed)
  • Camouflage check. Since I don't tuck in my T-shirt, no one will notice anyway
Okay, do or die.

Sigh, that was the most horrible 45 minutes and the worst playing I've ever played because half my attention was diverted to my pants. I quickly sneaked home after the offering was taken for my much needed change of clothes.

Sweat... note to self, must remember to repair pants a.s.a.p.


sengkor said...

wear a belt, no matter the pants is loose or not.. sometimes accidents do happen..

Kok Hon said...

I always wear a belt where I go. Apart from being safe it also give you a more presentable front when you arrive to an occasion that needs you to tuck your shirt in,

Glad nobody saw your 'bird bird'

Las montañas said...

ewww!! kok hon so lewd one. :P no worries, jonzz wears and would be glad to show his designer calvin kleins.

ChinkinIn said...

LOL. Think few Asians go commando.

Wuching said...

dun worry, even adam & eve go commando behind the bushes!

Annie said...

Going commando at church? Isn't that a sin?

Geez Jonzz, your diet must be working wonders if your pants are now falling down. Question: How come they didn't fall down when you walked from your house to your car? Very clever of the pants to give you that impression that you were "covered" and secured. We girls always keep safety pins in the glove box for such disasters.

Glad nobody noticed, or it would have been a nice show for the audience. I'll be there front row and center next Sunday.

Las montañas said...

annie: ROFL!!!

just me said...

Your mind must have been too preoccupied lately? Thinking of who to take out on Valentine's Day?

poohbearee said...

Jonzz: Monty was obsessed with his pants stories. Now you :P

"Repair pants"??? Should be mend pants?

Btw, did u lose weight? How is your diet?

Julee said...

Erm.. no belt? :D

FireHorse said...

Dats why lah diet some more, otherwise the big belly will hold the pants up mah.

zeroimpact said...

That was close, I think I have had that kind of experience before but then again don't remember what I did or may be I just want to forget those experience eh

Jonzz said...

sengkor I'm super lazy. Sunday dowan to wear belt. ke ke ke

kok hon *Gasp* You never heard of underwear? It's to keep the 'bird bird' in. What are you wearing? LOL!

LM *High Five*

Chinkinin Are you one of those 'commando' Asians? *wink*

wuching Nolar, they go commando everywhere last time. Last time where got other ppl to gossip, HA HA HA

Annie Hmm, I have contemplated your advice and I will procure a large size super safety pins to be kept in a belt pouch at all times. ROFL!

LM You want a safety pin?

just me LOL, somehow I can't associate church, loose pants and valentine's day together.

poohbearie Aiyo, PB, how to lose weight just by eating less for just 4 days. I'm not crash dieting lar. I know dieting doesn't work that way.

julee he he, Nope!

firehorse HA HA HA HA HA, That's a GREAT excuse NOT to lose weight, HA HA HA HA HA

zeroimpact Don't worry, I think we all want to forget those experiences if it happens.

me said...

what is it with men and their pants? monty and his ripped pants and u and yr unclasped pants. some hidden flasher streak in u guys, issit?

mott said...

wahh.."chow kong" in church? you must be slimness man!!!!! Commmeeee..have some lap cheonggggggggg!!!!!!! ;-)

Jonzz said...

me: LOL, Hidden Flasher Streak?

mott: Noooo, not yet chow kong yet... That will be the day I stop going to church. Wakakakakakaka! Kidding