Monday, March 5, 2007

Chap Goh Mei and other Rantings

If you are Chinese, chances are you would have known yesterday was Chap Goh Mei or the Chinese equivalent of Valentine's Day.

Anyway, last year, I came to know that in Seremban 2's very own City Park, they have that mandarin-throwing matchmaking activity in the koi-filled lake.

According to unreliable sources, it seems that during last year, the fish population in that lake greatly diminished after Chap Goh Mei. Hmm, probably due to the large number of greedy fishes being stunned by a barrage of generous sized mandarin oranges, each lovingly marked with some single-and-desperate individual's phone number.

Well, this year, yours truly took two friends to visit the place and to see people make fools of themselves. Unfortunately, there wasn't even a hint of a mandarin orange, much less a single excited individual waiting by the lakeside. Only crowds of families and kids. At 8.00pm. Hmmmph... no show for me to make fun off tonight.

Coming in to work this morning, I was enlightened by my colleague that the festivities actually took place on Saturday night. Oh whoopee... I missed it.

Getting a wee bit bored of drawing cartoons. For those of you in the 'waiting list' =P, have patience ya....

Bleah, I hate Mondays...


Julee said...

Happy Belated Chap Goh Meh to you! Love the cartoons, draw me! XD

There was to be a mandarin throwing matchmaking activity last year in Petaling Jaya, not sure about this year. Throw pomelo better! :D

Kyels said...

Happy Chap Goh Meh to you!


poohbearee said...

??? Write phone no. on the orange then throw them into the lake? U mean the potential lover will go into the lake to pick up the oranges?

Nv heard of such things here in spore. sounds comical and fun to see :)

FireHorse said...

Better luck next year!! A hug for you since it's a blahry Monday, this day too shalt pass.

me said...

so blur lah u. failing that, u shld have went home, turned on the bathtub and throw oranges in it. :-p

Las montañas said...

Is this the lake garden that is near the kalana Alson hotel?

ChinkinIn said...

I actually thot the fish suffered because so many oranges were thrown in that the lake overflowed. People throw it with peels and all?

Phone no. huh? Then some koi 'jing' (spirit) might give you a call.

Such sceptics we are! Don't knock it til you've tried it. Maybe you can invite all of us over next year.

Jonzz said...

julee: LOL, soon soon. Throw pomeloes? ROFL, sounds so desperate.

kyels: He he, you too!

PB: That's a traditional Chinese custom. It has nothing to do with Malaysia.

Firehorse: Better luck? LOL, no lar. I'm not hunting for anything. Just wanted to take my friends there for some sightseeing.

ME: *speechless* ROFL!

LM: No, this is the new park in Seremban 2. I've posted pictures before.

Chinkinin: LOL, well no worries, there are actually people maintaining the hygiene there. The people apparently throw people into a cordoned area of the lake. A bunch of boats take the mandarins to another part of the lake where the scoopers/hopefuls are.