Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today's Second Tag:10 Weird Things About Me

Update: I want to tag Chinkinin only!

I've been tagged three times on this weirdness thingy on three separate occasions, the most recent being by Julee, before that by Phillip and first by Serendipity, which I actually did do six weird things.

But then reading back, it really doesn't seem that weird, so here goes, another 10 weird things to bore you in case you decide to evaluate how weird I am with another tag again, HA HA.

10 Weird Things About Me
  • I can communicate with Scooby(my dog, duh) with different languages and signs. For example, to get him to go into his cage, I can tell him in English 'Up!', Cantonese 'Shiong Long', or 'OY!' or I just wave him and say 'Whoosh', and the happy little fella gives me a cheeky look and goes bouncing into the cage.
  • I meditate/think my headaches away. Whenever I have one of those miserable pounding headaches, I go into a dark room, visualize my headache as a set of pounding hammers or something akin to that, and send them far, far away in my mind and it usually works.
  • If there's a power blackout late at night and it's too early too sleep, I play guitar in the dark. Yup, classical guitar. You know 'Romance de Amor', 'Recuerdos de Alhambras', all those 'wonderful' songs which end up putting everyone else to sleep except this weird guitar player.
  • I like to collect cool, cute, eye-catching or weird figures, stuffs and gadgets. But of course, thank God, I'm budget minded. You won't find a 7 foot Darth Vader in my room. But I do have among my collection, some Gundam figurines, some Naruto figurines, some Transformer-type robots and other odds and ends like this:

    Cute, eh!
  • I love working with my hands. I think hands are the coolest things God has given to us and if you don't use it, you will lose it. So you find me crazy over stuff like creating art and craft, playing music instruments, baking and cooking and stuff like that. I don't believe in trying to segregate human activities into macho activities and feminine activities. People who limit themselves with mindsets never grow.
  • I do have a bit of OCP. A bit crazy about hygiene but sometimes can't be bothered. Sometimes, triple checking a tap, a switch or locking the gate, or closing the refrigerator door. But over the years, I've learnt to deal with this a bit better. At bad times, I give myself an ultimatum like: 'Stop checking the water tap, what's the worst that could happen, flood the house with a dripping tap'
  • I can remember something effortlessly and almost perfectly when I write it down but if I just hear it, it's very difficult for me to commit it to memory. For example, I can remember almost everyone's name from my school classes where I've been the monitor. And when I recall the name, it pops up mentally as the writing I wrote it in. I think this is what they call a visual memory.
  • Similar to the above, I read books like watching movie. If I come across words I don't understand, I just skim through them and all the while in my mind, a little movie plays according to what I am reading. But please spare me the heavy books, LOL!
  • I love pungent and chewy/crunchy foods like petai, durian, onions, garlic and etc. Not that I don't like the others. But spare me pig trotters in vinegar 'jee keok chou', (ugh, no sucking on animal feet for me).
  • People always tell me I look angry or serious. Actually, I just think a lot. Frankly, they make me angry by telling me I look angry or serious. Lameness!!
OK, tag completed.


zeroimpact said...

That turtle is cute
And I just started off with some gundam figurines

ChinkinIn said...

Hey why only me? I guess 'cos everyone else has already done it? OK will give it some thought and try.

Las montañas said...

thats because you have been left out most of the time chinkinin!

mott said...

actually flooding your house is kinda a bad thing to happen...

now jonzz cannot forget mott's words (as it is written down *ahem* - your visual memory superpower...) everytime he leaves his house for work


poohbearee said...

Heee....I must comment on your last point.

Everytime u make a comment relating to me, I hv the tendancy to visualise u looking rather annoyed. I dunno why.


Firehorse said...

Come teach me #2, I awes get headache wan.

Jonzz said...

zeroimpact: LOL, it's just a souvenir I got myself from Cherating but it's not made in Malaysia. What a contradiction, eh

chinkinin: because you're still a man of mystery. Ha ha

LM: he he, my thoughts exactly!

PB: And still...

FH: Hmm.. usually the dark room is to dull the senses. And relax and visualize your headache as an object. then slowly but surely imagine the object being shifted far far far away. You have to take your time doing it. Read it many many years ago in the Star. LOL

me said...

i'm thinking.....scooby will jump into the cage whatever you say to whatever language.

poohbearee said...

....I like interacting with challanging characters. kekeke

Annie said...

Umm *raising my hand*..

I have a question. Why is Jonzz collecting turtle humping?

Sick. You're sick Jonzz.