Friday, May 4, 2007

Insignificant (Updated with a Silly Title)

As I was opening the front gate to leave for work yesterday, I spotted this tiny fellow. Couldn't resist taking a snapshot of him.

It got me thinking. We are in many ways like this little creature, cast upon a huge world, filled with uncertainties, challenges and obstacles. It is little wonder we are often intimidated into feeling how insignificant and helpless we are. . . hence the lifelong search for meaning.

Oh... and for those with not-so-good eyesight, I've taken the liberty of blowing up the insect, oops, I meant picture (What were you thinking, Annie?) And in case, you're wondering, it's a baby praying mantis.

And on a sillier note, got 'bestowed' with this silly Title off Sherman's blog..

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
His Most Serene Highness Lord Jonzz the Scattered of Hope End
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Las montañas said...

Dear jonzz, this is the hunter of the insect world! innocent numbers scramble for their lives when they see it.

AND BTW, he is a relative of your not so glamorous cockroach!!!

Jonzz said...

ROFL, yes I know, and the females decapitate their males during mating...

Firehorse said...

Next life maybe I can be a female praying mantis. Muah hahaha

eve said...

If i see that thing in the morning , I supposed I will just whack it with my wat i will do with his cousin cockroach.....oh oh...that is not me talking..dem i sound so cruel..

Bernard said...

Mantis nymph? Awwww... cute...

... send it to the bushes la.. let it get killed by the predators.

mott said...

Your utmost serene highness of hopeless end(?).. is it my eyes...or the close up pix is slightly blurred?

sigh....i'm growing old TOO fast...wayyyy too fast!!

Wuching said...

ugly little thingy!

nyonyapenang said...

cousin of the cockroach? okie, it will go the same way with the cockroach then....ya, like eve, i'll whack it with a rolled-up newspaper.

me said...


just me said...

Seeing that creature gave you certain thoughts, reading that it is a "praying" mantis....reminds me of the power of prayer

Annie said...


HOW did YOU KNOW I was thinking if you blew up the insect? Jonzz knows Annie too well.... I was going to ask if you accidentily stepped on the bug. I don't like bugs.. *shudder*. SQUASH.. that's my answer to how significant bugs are. tee hee.. They make that icky squishing sound when you "accidently" step on them.

Most Serene Highness Lord jonzz? LOL! Do I need to bow to you now?

goodshithappens said...

"Her Royal Highness Serene the Reticent of New Porton Wells"


and EEEKKS!!! insects!! *flees*

Jonzz said...

FH: Your husband will be very scared after reading that.

eve: lol

bernard: wah, you s cruel!!! LOL

mott: yalor, closeup is blurr. that's why i get a new camera.

wuching: nice leh!

nyonyapenang: Wah, so kejam, LOL

me: rofl, it's just an insect. Compared to you, the scales are like a man and the Empire State Building

just me: Wow, so deep your reflection. I just thought it looks cool.

annie: Yes, a little bow would be now. Ha ha ha ha

serene: lol, weird title. You're spooked by insects too meh. i thought you like to sit on the grass, after seeing all your photos.