Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Business of Troubleshooting

I am content.

After one month of almost zero-connectivity, now I am happily typing my blog entry in front of my almost left-for-dead computer.

Ahhhhh . . . bliss . . . Je suis content!

Wah, words cannot describe the feelings I have right now. After one month of staring the blinking cyclops ADSL light, calling up Streamyx and having to go to the office and cybercafes to do my online business, I am in the seventh heaven.

Ahhhhh . . .

You know, having once been in the IT troubleshooting department, I can sort-of sympathize and relate with the people who handle the calls, and channels the problems to the parties who are responsible to resolve them.

Like the Malay proverb says, gajah sama gajah berjuang, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah, which literally means, when two elephant battle, the mousedeer will die being caught in the middle.

These first line of support are always caught between the raging customer and the pressured technical staff. They become the 'bad guy' trying to fulfill their job obligations.

Thank God I have my brother to chase them. I'm not really that much of a pushover but I think in this scenario, I was too soft.

Ah well, anyway, I am happy and contented. And that is enough for today.


Wuching said...

may your days be filled with wonderful uninterrupted super high speed internet forever & ever..

Baby's Breathe said...

Being in first line of support is the deadliest!! Glad you are 'having once been' and NOT 'have been'...:)

poohbearee said...

I see many bloggers complaining abt this Streamyx thingy. Just wondering if it is a monopolised provider.

Anyway, I wish u hv a problem-free Streamyx connection from now on too :)

Annie said...

I'm still trying to uncode this:
*$#@%*.... from his last blog entry.


I'm sorry for your troubles Jonzz.
Treatment for Jonzz:
Kit Kat bar
tablespoon of sugar

Hang in there

team.warsurfer said...


Streamyx sucks.. thats why many bloggers complain.. I'm one of them lol...

And yup, they monopolize the broadband business here..

So called broadband.. sad but true..

m5lvin said...

People often say you can't really trust a chinaman but hey..what I know is that...we can never trust

not cursing u la..~ hahaha..

Jonzz said...

[wuching]: Wah thank you!

[baby's breathe]: Hi again! Well, it's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it. At least some of us should appreciate it.

[PB]: Hmm... in most places I guess it is the only broadband provider.

[annie]: Thank you, thank you, thank you. So much sugar. Now I'll be high the entire day. HA HA.

[warsurfer]: Oh, you've already answered PB's question here. HA HA.

[m5lvin]: Ha ha, don't worry, I don't take things personally every time someone uses the term 'chinaman'. It's just a generalization. Anyway, my problem was narrowed down to a cable connection. Sigh.

mott said...

Actually, i had a lot of problems with streamyx initially. After properly identifying the real problem - the wiring in my neighbourhood is super old and it was changed, I have zero problems.


So, I hope this problem is resolved forever!

eve said...

Yayyyy....Yum Sengg....

Julee said...

1 month!!?? I would have.. died.

Jonzz said...

[mott]: ME TOO!

[eve]: BOTTOM'S UP!

[julee]: No wonder I feel like a zombie! HA HA HA

Lee Ping said...

If my internet connection dies, I will be sad for sure. You have a good brother.

Bernard said...

Welcome back, to the connected world.

Jonzz said...

[lee ping]: grouchy, too for this situation.

[bernard]: lol, I've been connected la, just not at home.

stay-at-home mum said...

Been having connection problems too, but all along thot it was me the kluz. I seem to be able to connect only from 7.30pm to 7.30am...other times can seem to get it. but when hubby gets home no problem. So what did you have to do? And what should I be doing? call the service provider?

Jonzz said...

[stay-at-home mum]:
Mine was a cable problem. But then again it could have been a combination of problems.

For your case, you should call the service provider.