Friday, June 1, 2007

The Prisoner

Suddenly, had the inspiration to write a poem. Must be due to that bird I thought I ran over a few days ago.

I look at the bird
The bird looks at me
I thought, Poor little creature
How sad you must be
Bound in this prison
Longing to be free
Oh, to soar with the winds
And dance in the trees

The bird cocks its head
And gives me a sigh,
Foolish little man
You are not better than I
The world is your oyster
The sky and the sea
Yet day after day
You complain to me

My prison is wood
And I am alone
Yet how can I regret
What I have not known
You on the other hand
Have tasted all things fine
You have travelled the world
But regret rules your mind

You say you are free
To do what you want
But in your so-called life
How much more have you done

Bound by rules and religion,
By the mere words of man,
Bound by self expectations,
By property and land,
Bound by fear and love,
By lies and by pride,
Yes, you have done many things
But have you done what is right

I may own nothing
But I sleep soundly at night
My food sits beside me
My drink on my right
My existence seems purposeless
Yet my song pleases man
I have wronged no one
And leave peacefully in the end


poohbearee said...

Never failed to me impressed by your poems. I mean it :)

poohbearee said...

sorry. typo in my comment. typed too fast. i mean nv failed to BE impressed.

Lee Ping said...

John 8:34 Jesus replied, "What I'm about to tell you is true. Everyone who sins is a slave of sin.

It is hard to live a sinless life. I struggle with that daily. Angry, impatience, greed, etc. But, when we have God living within us, we can be free from sin. Your caged bird can be free. :)

winniethepooh said...

Jonzz, the last 2 lines of ur poem struck me the most, "I have wronged no one
And leave peacefully in the end".. I just hope that when i pass on, i can go with a peaceful mind too.

K.K. said...

wah, bravo! almost shakespeare! liked the way u look at caged birdies are better than free man! :)

eve said...


poohbearee said...

Jonzz, this is for you :)

Again, I look at the bird
The bird looks at me.
In these magical words,
The bird says to me.

Surely you remember my friend,
God made the world
Of plains, mountains and streams
And you and me out of his dreams.

You to stand on majestic mountains,
And to conquer the boundless seas
Each day to grow and learn
His love and strength we trust.

Be courageous my dear friend,
A bed of roses He did not promise
But all things made beautiful
In His perfect time.

Again, I look at the bird
The bird looks at me.
Then at the twinkle of the eye
The bird vanishes into Paradise.

Wuching said...

the bird in heaven liao, dun worry too much!

Jonzz said...

PB: Ha ha, thanks

lee ping: Ah but that depends on the person working with God.

winniethepooh: Well, we all have to make peace someday. Better to do it continuously then accumulate and having to settle it one shot.

k.k: Ha ha, thanks, dude!

eve: Thanks. but I think all of them sound the same. Still trying to come up with a truly original one.

PB: Ha ha, nice. But needs more work on the rhyming.

wuching: It's not really about me.

poohbearee said...

Aiyo. You cant expect too much. I was writing while at work :P
Btw, not all poems need to rhyme lah.

Applegal said...

Good poem :) I used to be able to write poems, sigh. Now no more, the teenage mood swings dah habis :P