Friday, July 13, 2007

Can You Read Between The Lines?

Day 1 of 30:

Remember the draggy, dark and angsty previous entry? Actually, buried within that entire long-winded standard jonzz rant is just one subtle message I want to convey.

Can you figure it out?


Annie said...

You need to have a good lunch with Monty at the Hooters restaurant?

Friends are worthless?

Enemies are better to have around because at least you can predict what they'll do?

Do we get a prize if we figure out what's between the lines?

Jonzz said...

A prize? Hmm... what prize can one offer through a blog?

poohbearee said...

Yay! I like guessing things :)

Scooby got himself a new fren (the white dog) and ignores you?

Jonzz, we expect nothing less than u delivering the prize in person to Seattle / Singapore. LOL.

eve said...

That you need a good dose of steak ?..hehe...

me said...

you're torturing scooby?!?!!!! gasp!

er....that you are being taken granted of and betrayed....over and over again?

*pat pat jonzz* take a break friend.

K.K. said...

that your dog has betrayed you by running away from home coz its the breeding season?

for starters, you can try giving out iPods :)

Annie said...

iPods sounds like a good idea; but since I have one already, how about a gift certificate to iTunes?

Now, who is right.. I'm starting to think Scooby is the "friend" who screwed you over. Dogs - *shaking head*

ChinkinIn said...

Tough one. You are way subtler than PB. I have a three day rule. Whatever stress/trouble I get, I believe it will resolve itself in 3 days and it does. Knowing that makes me breathe easier. It will all be better after the weekend.

winniethepooh said...

you need to wear an amour?

mott said...


that long winded, angsty, dark post swallowed up my comment!!!!

in any case... it read :

erm..u ok?

I'm not too smart to figure it all out. Hope u ok..

Yea... that's it. my 2sen comment.


poohbearee said...

Reading your post again. Wat is the significance of "Day 1 of 30" ?

m5lvin said...

blogging..? =P

stay-at-home mum said...

U need a break on friday the 13th?

That u blog to destress - now u need a rest. Go have a good one!

Take care

Jonzz said...


What I wanted to say in that entry was just 'Gonna take some real time-off on my day of rest for a month'

1. real time-off = break
2. day of rest = Sunday = Church
3. a month = 30 days, hence the counter

OK, see Jonzz is such a cryptic pain in the ass.