Friday, July 6, 2007

It's A Conspiracy!

You know, whenever you make up your mind to seriously do something, there is some kind of twisted law in the universe that takes effect and puts up all kinds of obstacles and distractions to test your resolve.

Take these past two weeks for example.

I decide to lose weight.

Lo and behold, in comes farewell feasts, CG dinners and now...

Chinese class munches! And my long awaited annual durian!

This was just the appetizer. Then, as if on cue, another fellow student shows up with all kinds of sweet drinks and humongous curry puffs. Actually she does this weekly. Oh gosh, have mercy!

Oh well, a minor setback but . . . my heart will go on. ROFL!


mott said...


*takes a long whiff*



eve said...

Cobaannnnnn....I think I am luckier than u kua..oni see food on blogs nia..Wahh..but the lau linn..fuiyohh..dem mengancam jek...

me said...

okaaaayyyy, just make the resolution to gain as much weight as possible, succumb to all temptations and stuff your face at every opportunity.....and cross your fingers that fate will intervene and the opposite will happen. if not, i'll just say hello to the big fat elephant i meet next time. haha.

Las montañas said...

lau lin.... first time my grandmother coming from china encountered it, she said mau si!

Celestine said...

the logical reason is tt your mind is now concentrated on losing weight which equates to - not eating &/ exercise - so will surely tend to notice the obstructions & opportunities regarding this topic more.

also, you know the author to being happy, andrew matthew? he talks about the mind being a magnet. i do believe that our mind's energy do channel forces to and fro us, frequently on the subconscious level. perhaps this lies within the percentage of the mind that is unused... probably a small fraction of the mind's power.

so anyway, he says that what your mind is consistently focussed on, you will channel it to you. so if you focus on Not Eating, the word Eating will be the dominant key word and you will keep eating or have food ushered your way. however, if you focus on what u want to do in the positiv instead like Keep Exercising, the picture of Exercise will be imprinted into mind and you will tend towards that instead.

savante said...

Apa ni semua makan durian!

K.K. said...

wowoww... de durian, as dr. eve puts it, dem mengancam jek! LOL!

stay-at-home mum said...

That's just a test of your willpower to see if you really want to lose weight. If you really want to, all those durians and food will not even make you change your mind!!

winniethepooh said...

duriannnnnnnnnn...give me! give me!

Annie said...

oooh, Mott just drooled on your food.

There's your diet answer.. have someone DROOL all over the food - you won't eat it after that.

I think I just gained 2 pounds looking at the food.

I know what will make you thin! Quit your job and go poor. Broke and poor means no food! it's what the homeless do to get into shape.

FireHorse said...

I whole heartedly agree with you, now that i am in M'sia, all mai efforts of losing weight is down the drain :o(
This tot always wins out. OK if I dun eat kau kau (enuf) when I go back dunno when get to eat again, so hantam like there's no tomorrow lidat.

Jonzz said...

mott: Thank goodness I'm not addicted to durian. It's like a yearly craving sort of thing. But I'm satisfied now. Yay!

eve: Wait til you see the real thing up close and personal. Big and with small seeds. Soft, yellow and sweet. Mmmmm....

me: A big elephant thou shall not see. Except a thinner, leaner me. Mua ha ha

LM: What the heck is 'mau si'? Not nice to eat or cat poo?

Hi, celestine, welcome. Wow, that is quite a long and profound comment you have there. LOL, yeah, you're right. Our minds (and blogs) are most focused on our current obsessions. I have had Andrew Matthew's books since heaven knows how long ago. But I haven't really read into it as deeply as you have. But I quite like his principles especially his humorous illustrations.

savante: Kan sekarang musim makan durian (sekali lagi). Kalau tak makan durian, makan apa lagi? HA HA

k.k: LOL, go get some. They are everywhere. Unless u think durian is a threat to a certain half-marathon. ROFL!

stay-at-home-mum: Ha ha, don't worry, my diet is very flexible. Every day, stick to it but if there are goodies to be enjoyed with friends, just binge a little. I'm not torturing myself. I believe in long term.

winniethepooh: I would if I could but I think the postage and refrigeration would bankrupt me. HA HA.

Annie: Ewww, Annie, that's so gross. Grossly ingenius! Annie is so grossly ingenius. Agh, tongue twisted... Go poor... ROFL, hmm. no thank you. I'll just diet and enjoy other wordly goodies with the money saved. HA HA.

firehorse: Hey, you're back. How are you? LOL, I think the key to dieting is to take it one day at a time and don't get too frizzled if you break it on and off. If you do it long enough, I bet you'll see results. Of course, must exercise.

Las montañas said...

jonzz, u guessed right. its cat poo.