Saturday, September 22, 2007

An Impromptu Trip to Kuala Pilah

As you know, Jonzz is a man of much boredom.

And boredom incites the desire for excitement and adventure...

And so on this boring Saturday evening, he and another equally bored kaki decided to venture to Kuala Pilah for some terrapin soup or ‘水鱼‘.

So after 4pm, I started the drive to Kuala Pilah.

For those who are interested, Kuala Pilah is a small town, about 30km from Seremban. The drive there involves passing through some narrow winding hill roads. One of the areas that you will pass through on the way there, is Ulu Bendol. There are many stalls on the roadside which sells various country products like local fruits, wild honey, petai, gula melaka, lemang and surprisingly, dragon fruit.

One new change I have noticed on the route to Kuala Pilah is the sprouting of various dragonfruit farms. They seem to have replaced various padi fields which still remain clear in my memory. I used to go to Bahau town during my childhood to visit my grandmother. Bahau is slightly further than Kuala Pilah.

Anyway, we reached Kuala Pilah. Much of what I have known has changed. There was much traffic and it felt kind of uncontrolled. We arrived at a busy hour about 5.30pm and there were many people buying food at the various food bazaars sprung up to accommodate the fasting folk's breaking of fast during this Ramadhan month.

Well, unfortunately for these two non-fasting folks, the terrapin soup stalls in the market were closed. It seems they open from morning til 5.00pm. In the end we settled for some Kuala Pilah cooking at some arbitrary Kuala Pilah restaurant.

So for your viewing pleasure, here's what we ate:

Fish slices with spring onions(bottom) and 'kung pow' chicken

Kangkung(water convolvulus) fried with belachan(Malay condiment)

After filling our bellies, it was nearly seven. Strangely, the traffic had all cleared. Most of the shops had already closed earlier. Doesn't look like there's much of a night life in this town. While taking pictures of the town, we were observed by an eccentrically dressed Malay man who seem quite tickled by our 'touristy' behaviour.

So at last, we bid adieu to Kuala Pilah. It had been a walk down memory lane for me today. I didn't know I was still had these nostalgic feelings. Guess I'm not yet detached beyond cure... yet.


poohbearee said...

Boredom and detached. Hmmmm....

Nice pics. Not a phone camera rite?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

sbanboy said...

Hmmm I should visit KP one day ... not been there is ages

Las montañas said...
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Las montañas said...

A grand aunt lives there! I still can remember the place. The winding road (real danger if driving at night because of those seladangs and other kampung livestock lying on the roads) from Tampin.

Was there in 2005 lidat. I parked my car, no flying saucer some distance awaay from those roadside stalls so that they will not be alarmed when LM approaches them to buy stuff.

What is Jonzz's car number plate? BAD1234? :P :P or using federal carplate? OK, next time we go there? I want to go further to Sg Pertang to visit the Forest Reserve there. Can bring me? *wink wink*

PS: The terrapin soup is supposedly more famous in Bahau lah!

Anonymous said...

. .there are some nice touristy places eg Lister Memorial(First British resident of NS- Martin Lister), Old house in a rubber estate where Dr Sun Yat Sen hid from the Nationalist while in Malaysia,granite columns that grow up from ground, Sri Menanti (9miles- royal town) and three things KP guys always eat when they are back- kueh tiow, mee rebus and turtle soup. Have fun.

Jonzz said...

PB: Yup, it's a digital cam

SbanBoy: LOL, if you don't have a good reason to go there, there's really nothing much to go there for.

LM: I've never heard of the terrapin soup in Bahau.

anonymous: Thanks for the information on KP. Umm.. please introduce yourself.

IamfromKPChungHua said...

Pretty soon the winding road will be replaced by a new long straight road from Seremban to Kuala Pilah...Thanks god, I remember when I was a kid, I talked to myself: "wish they build a straight road" each time travelling that so call "18 wan" (Pronounce in Cantonese meaning 18 winding corner), I must say "Thanks, Terima Kasih" to our government. So next time when I come home, it won't make be throw out no more!