Sunday, September 2, 2007

Merdeka Stuff and Lemon Rosemary Chicken

So how was your pre-Merdeka celebration?

I celebrated mine the usual way. I had Chinese class. LOL!

OK... OK... then I had dinner, did a little shopping and at 11.30pm, decided to go out into town with my friend.

Bad move. Seremban was a mass of traffic jams the entire day due to road blockades for the Merdeka celebrations and it culminated around midnight.

So as you will see from the photos below, all traffic reached to a standstill before the Petronas station before the Bukit Rasah bridge in town.

Then the road became a mass of activities. The Petronas station must have made a fortune that night with all the stranded car passengers dropping in for some refreshments.

Sitting in the car, we managed to have front seats for the firework display that night.

Boring... what's the fun in seeing money burst into spectacular colors for the few short seconds? Anyway, it was rather interesting seeing people come out of their cars. Rows of motorcycles zooming by.. do you call them 'Mat Rempits'? I did take a couple of photos which didn't turn out clearly.

In the photo below, this half naked patriotic chap with the flag served as our traffic guide by directing traffic to an alternate escape route. Thank God!

Here are more photos of 'Mat Rempit' wannabes. Groups of kids congregated here and there on their bicycles. Gosh, can you imagine riding bicycles at this hour alongside impatient cars on the road? It's a disaster waiting to happen.

OK, time to change topic. Remember the Lemon Rosemary Chicken recipe. Yup, I cooked it on Merdeka day. Here's the link for the recipe.

Here's the picture for you to savour.

Verdict: Tender, juicy, sour-ish and with a spicy pepper kick. The skin doesn't brown easily due to it being immersed in lemon juice.

Here I must thank my guinea pi... oops, colleague for generously giving me a set of measuring cups and spoons for this project.

One thing about the recipe though... I find the cooking times insufficient. If you follow the time and temperature, you'll end up with blood on the inside. If you don't want blood inside the roast chicken, I recommend cooking it for an hour.

The coarse ground black pepper is the most expensive part for this dish. Some people might find it weird because of the sour taste, but my brave guinea pigs finished it after declaring it weird. LOL!

OK, I confess, I'm addicted to roasting. Argh!! Help!


winniethepooh said...

Jonzz, even though its weird it must have tasted good since its cleaned up! Ure addicited to roasting? I like roasting/baking too, more healthy (save on oil) hehe. Does that mean u will be showing more roasted dishes and recipes? if so, i'm looking forward to it :)

adrien said...

i've always wanted to try cooking, but the thought of having to clean up after everything turns me off. it'll take a hired maid first before i'd start. i've never been the chores person, unfortunately.

Las montañas said...

I like to cook, but someone got to do the washing up. ie, all the oil left over from the roasting.

nice merdeka celebrations. Imagine having foreign dignities in the crowd too.

me said...

sourish? hmmm...doesn't sound very appealing to me. the pic looks juicy though *salivating* what's next up on the menu?

Wuching said...

did u run over that half naked guy carrying the flag?

Bibik Nyonya said...

bless all topless men in the world....ha ha ha!

Annie said...

I'm with bibi on the bless all topless men in the world. kakakaka. thanks for the link Jonzz... I'm printing the recipe and will try it.

and what? No violent riots? mmm.. must just be us Americans.

poohbearee said...

Jonzz: Is that a cute bunny soft toy on the dashbaord of your car?

Jonzz said...

[winniethepooh]: Of course, otherwise I have nothing else to blog, ha ha.

[adrien]: don't hire a maid, hire a chef.

[LM]: What foreign dignities?

[me]: I don't know. Suggest! Suggest!

[wuching]: Tsk tsk. I'm very kind you know. I only [nearly] run over birds.

[bibiknyonya]: LOL!

[annie]: You're welcome. Give me some ideas too! I don't know if there were any violent riots.

[PB]: That's not my car. And that's not a bunny. It's somebody's puppy.