Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Running Dry

Lately, I've been rather contented.

And trying to restrain my blogging activities to nights.

And in the process, it seems I've lost a lot of fire. And the fire to blog.

Oh no... at this rate, I have to change my blog name from Running Waters to Running Dry to Run Down.. *gasp* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....


m5lvin said...

I can pinjam you api if you want...hahaha...nope nope..not talking about Adrien Api..but the real api fire up

nyonyapenang said...

Hi Jonzz,

There may be no fire but I am sure the embers are still glowing and fan it a bit and it will burst forth into a bright flame.

**woooo...woooo...** helping jonzz to blow at the embers.

adrien said...

Api is here, and he is thirsty for running water! rather oxymoronic, literally speaking. lol.

but anyhow, NOOOOO. me needs me dosage of entertainment! heck, your blog tagline even says "sometimes rapid, sometimes slow, BUT NEVER CEASING". apa ni!

*and melvin, you read blogs too much to rememeber that my nickname is Api. lol

Annie said...

It happens to the best of us. It's called writer's block. Everybody needs to take a breather. I think it gives us a chance to refresh our minds and blog even better! I've had nothing to write lately either. Must be the weather.

me said...

oh no!!!! mana jabatan bekalan air???? *throws jonzz a bucket of water* didn't mean dry literally? sorry.

me said...

pssst, what's yr email?

JoMel said...

*sprinkle some water onto you* Kakakaka!

Annie said...

You still there Jonzz?


he he

*Dances naked around Jonzz blog* Nobody is here. Nobody is here.

Las montañas said...

annie, he's not here but your dance was recorded. Points to video cam on wall. Now gona post it on youtube.

just me said...

Was in that state for a while...lost interest...did more reading of books and now I am back!

Wuching said...

dun feel bad, we all have days like that..take a break

poohbearee said...

At least Jonzz is contented and not bored :p

742 said...

Late night is the perfect time for blogging. Early in the morning too. When everyone's sleeping, so quiet, so alone.

Don't restrain la... Juz blog!

winniethepooh said...

as long as ure wont run away, thats ok, take ur time to fire up :)

Jonzz said...

[m5lvin]: Don't bully Adrien Api... HE HE

[nyonyapenang]: wah, hot hot!

[adrien]: Entertainment.. hey I'm a professional =P

[annie]: Yes, I blame the freaky weather!

[me]: *Grumble* *grumble* *Drip* *Drip*

[jomel]: *Dodge* LOL!

[Annie]: Annie has been sent to detention for naughty activities, LOL!

[LM]: And Youtube is downloadable! Gasp!

[just me]: Welcome back!

[wuching]: Yeah, have a Kit Kat!

[PB]: Amen!

[742]: Aye! Aye! I hear ye!

[winniethepooh]: Yes! Firing up already!