Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Missionary

Actually I have had tons of things to blog lately but I've been holding back because they were either too aggressive (people bashing), too moody (self bashing) or too boring (life bashing).

Well, screw that. (I can visualize a certain group of holier-than-thou-readers gasping their jaws beyond their physical limitations) Repeat, screw that!

I'm sure that you know how the lame movie missionary stereotype is portrayed. You can visualize that foreign chap garbed in his priestly outfit and armed with his Bible, preaching hellfire and doom to the heathen group of unbelievers, forcing his self-perceived superior judgement over them and their deviant ways.

Sadly, this has not changed much. There's still plenty of these 'missionaries' around and it's not in the movies.


team.warsurfer said...

I like the first paragraph! Its so catchy.. lol

Jonzz said...

Yalor, bashes of inspiration.