Monday, May 25, 2009

Webs of Deceit


Jonzz got scammed. By some cheap flicker gift code thing promo thing on photokaki forum. Then Flickr emailed me to say you can't buy flickr gift codes from third parties. Oh no! My account has become normal again!


Cruel world!!!!!

Sigh... a fool and his RM50 are soon parted.

Ah well at least I had 3 months of pro-ness.


team.warsurfer said...

LOL 3 months of pro-ness..
Now back to amateur-ness?

doc said...

yeah, 50 bucks is a high price to learn a lesson, but at least this will stop you from making a more expensive mistake.

foongpc said...

Hi Jonzz! long time didn't come here. Thanks for visiting my blog - that reminds me of you again : )

Sorry you got scammed. But luckily it's just RM50. Good lesson learnt, yes?

zeroimpact said...

Well sometimes we justvhave to learn it one way or another
Hope all a well there

fable frog said...

flickr sucks~ need to pay to get more space~ hmmm any other photo hosting choice?

Bengbeng said...

i have given up on flickr. sorry about the RM50.00 though

Jonzz said...

warsurfer: Yalor... T_T

doc: True, true, greed does not pay.

foongpc: Ha ha, hello again. Good lesson, yeah!

zeroimpact: Yeah, it's cool. I didn't upload too many big pics.

fable frog: Still looking for better FREE image hosting, HA HA

bengbeng: Oh, I can't remember what you are using.. photobucket?

JoMel said...

you deserve that pro-ness.. your web picture looks soooo pro! :)

Jonzz said...

JoMel: I sharpened it once leh... How to claim pro-ness. HA HA