Monday, June 1, 2009

Bengbeng Thought I Copied My Post From Somewhere

Grouchy Scooby

I was chatting with Bengbeng on MSN and I asked him whether he read my previous post and he said "I didnt read. At first i thought u copy n paste from elsewhere i jus skip it"

Ouch.... all my effort and he thinks I've plagiarized it from somewhere.... Why? Why? Why?

On the other hand, it's actually kind of flattering. Oooh... now I feel like one of those authors whose writings get spammed all over everyone else's email. Thanks, Bengbeng!

Jonzz is a bit siao sometimes. Did I just say 'a bit'?


Bengbeng said...

it is a compliment actually... it was such powerful writing :)

[SK] said...

and it's actually good to have that kind of thinking.. at least you try to make yourself happy from something that is supposed to hurt you.. hahahah :D

~LeuMaS~ said...

:) good work jonzz

fufu said...

erm...i must say... not everyone manages to find the way to the wonderland... i am glad that i knew the way...and i am on my way now... it's not hard to survive on this planet actually =p good luck